The biggest myths about virtual offices

The biggest myths about virtual offices

Over the past few years, virtual offices became very popular for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Although this type of service has a lot of benefits, especially for startups, some people still remain afraid of it due to misinformation and myths that were created. Check it out:

1) They are too expensive

The truth is, virtual offices have a good cost-benefit for business that need to save on overhead expenses such as rent and office equipment. Nowadays, office space providers offer “a la carte” services options so that entrepreneurs can tailor their plans as needed. This means that you only have to pay for the things that you will actually use. And when you pay for only what you need, it can free up money for invest in long-term growth of your business.

2) There are security risks

Some entrepreneurs believe that a virtual office might leave sensitive data exposed to people with malicious intent. The fact is they have the top of the line technology and secure connections to keep all your business information confidential.

3) They are not professional

A virtual office is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will be well recognized by your client and will provide more credibility for your business. Besides that, at Next Workspaces, for example, you will find high class furniture and a fully equipped kitchen which will provide more sophistication and comfort. Do you still have doubts that a virtual office is the best option for a business meeting?

4) They make employees less productive

According to studies, remote workers tend to be more productive and engaged than in-office workers. For that reason, managers should eliminate the idea that when an employee isn’t present in the office, they aren’t doing their job well. At a virtual office, there are fewer distractions, such as noisy coworkers, telephones and conversations.

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