Useful tips for networking in shared offices and coworking spaces

Useful tips for networking in shared offices and coworking spaces

The shared offices and coworking spaces are a new way of thinking about work environment. The democratic and inspiring space brings together dozens of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative people. This scenario favors the contact between professionals, which creates golden opportunities for knowledge sharing, partnerships and new leads.

Working in one of these spaces as a freelancer, remote worker for a company or solo professional is a great opportunity to connect with other people. The statement “it is not what you know but who you know” really makes sense for the business world.

Check out some tips to grow your business networking from today on:

Be considerate and gentle

Nothing is more interesting than meeting very positive, polite and helpful people. In this environment, there is no space for grumpiness. Everyone is pursuing the same goal. So try to work with your interpersonal relationships.

Attend events

You should attend as many events related to your area as possible. On these occasions you have the opportunity to meet people that can become contacts or prospective customers. Present yourself and give your business card. The personal contact is still the most efficient way.

You can also host your own event. Some offices and coworking spaces have community areas so that you can set up launch parties, exhibits, workshops, among others. So if you are thinking about an event, don’t miss out on that opportunity and start to work on it.

Eat your meals in the community area

Try to take a break and avoid eating in front of your computer in order to meet your neighbors in the lunch area. By doing this, you will encourage other professionals to do the same at the coworking area. Keep in mind that a small chat can turn into a business partnership.

Share knowledge

Those who use coworking spaces are more open-minded, and they are always looking for news. You do not have to reveal your business secrets, but you can demonstrate kindness and share some of your knowledge to help colleagues.

Share knowledge - Coworking Space Miami

Propose a service exchange

If you meet someone who has something that interests you, try to exchange it for something that you produce. The benefit of this approach is that another coworking member will know about your services. For example, if you are a designer and the other person is a press agent, you can offer the creation of a business card in exchange of some contacts and professional references.

Create promotional materials

Office supplies, such as pens and post-it with your logo and website address, are good items to take to coworking spaces. You can leave them at your table or distribute for the community. For being useful items and part of the work routine, people will begin to pay more attention to your services. At Next, we provide private offices, virtual offices, conferences rooms, shared offices and coworking spaces solutions in the heart of Miami - Florida. We have high speed internet, biometric security, administrative support, private networks and events, complementary coffee and tea, valet parking and bilingual receptionist to attend to your customers.

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