Iconic Workspaces

Is ICONIC open 24/7?

At ICONIC Workspaces we make sure we are always there for you. Having said that, we believe that working Smart, not around the clock, is what makes success. Our staffed hours of operation are: Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM – 5PM. However, our office members are granted access 24/7.

Who can work at ICONIC Workspaces?

Anyone and everyone! We cater to the needs of established corporations, Entrepreneurs, professionals, internet Start-ups, free-lancers, as well as students.

Did someone say coffee? Can I have one please?

Of course you can! Coffee is always fresh and available for both guests and tenants, no matter how long you come in the office to work for, 30 minutes or 30 days! We offer you complimentary Coffee (and tea for the more Zen guests).

Oh, cool… so ICONIC Workspace is just an Executive Office?

Not really. ICONIC Workspaces has more to offer than luxurious clean executive offices. We offer a Smart alternative to fulfill the needs of everyone requiring a workspace to grow their business, connect with likeminded individuals, and always look back on their previous year from a higher ground. Our flexible workspaces solutions suit each and every need our clients might have.

Do I need to book an appointment to go see my workspace at ICONIC?

If you have a tight schedule, and want to make sure we have an available representative to show you around our space, answer all your questions and make the most out of your tour through our facilities, please feel free to give us a call, and we will gladly book you in at your convenience. Otherwise, you can just drop by and say hello! We’ll do our best to accommodate a quick tour!

Private Spaces

What is included in the office fee?

It is our mission to make you feel that ICONIC is your office (which it is!); so, these and many more things, are included:

  • Fiber speed Wi-Fi (highest available on the market), all throughout our center
  • State of the art furniture
  • Bilingual Receptionist
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Lounge and relaxation area
  • Complimentary coffee, assorted teas and water
  • Utilities and Janitorial Services
  • Preferred access to Conference Rooms
  • Phone Booths
  • Printing and Secretarial Services available

How soon can I start and What do I need to do to get started?

Our available offices are ready for you to move in today!

The process to get started is quick and easy: you just need to submit your information through our “Become a Member” form, and we will get in touch with you immediately.

You are also welcomed to reach out to us by phone or by email; walk-ins are welcome too.

Would I be able to upgrade to a larger office space?

Absolutely, you can upgrade any time during your term. Just let us know as soon as you are ready to add more space or move to a bigger office and we present you the best available options.

Can I sign up for any term?

Yes, we adapt to your needs and our spaces can be reserved by the hour, day or months.

However, if you are looking for a long-term solution, we recommend signing up for 12 months to be able to benefit from more savings, but you still have the option to start monthly or with 3 months or 6 months terms and renew when the time comes.

Would I be able to customize my office?

Yes! you can make the office reflect your own style by bringing your decoration, plants and artwork.


What is the I-Club?

I-Club is the name of ICONIC Coworking memberships.

These memberships are the perfect solution for many types of businesses and self-employed workers including entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, creatives and independent professionals that look to join a dynamic community of innovators and collaborators in a modern and professional work environment.

What is included on I-Club Membership fee?

While you are at ICONIC Workspaces, no matter if you came to work for 30 minutes or a full week, you are our guest! As such, it is our mission to make you feel that ICONIC is your office (which it is!); so, these, and many more things, are included:

  • Fiber speed Wi-Fi (highest available on the market)
  • Break room with complementary beverages and a mini Market with snacks for purchase
  • Tired from seating at the desk? Go relax at our super comfortable sofas on any of our lounges
  • Phone booths for your conference or video calls
  • Having a stressed day? Go to our meditation booth and breath deep while listening to relaxing sounds
  • Lockers to keep your belongings while stepping out
  • Access to printing, copying, scanning and other admin services
  • Discounted rates for meeting rooms and private offices

What activities are programmed for members?

Aventura Park Square was created with health and wellness in mind. Most of the businesses within the complex are health and wellness related, and we are not the exception. We believe that supporting health in the workspace is crucial to help our members grow personally and professionally. That is why ICONIC Workspaces will make it easy for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle with spaces that promote relaxation along with healthy snack options available at the center. We also organize activities and networking events to build community to make sure our members have the chance to take full advantage of the connections that can be created with their co-members. And we periodically bring Real Estate industry leading personalities for events and workshops.

Why Real Estate focused events and workshops?

Even though we welcome members from every industry, most of the members in our community are businesses within the real estate industry. From real estate agents, to real estate lawyers, accountants, general contractors etc. we organically become the place to be and be a member of in Aventura. That is why we will be bringing experts and innovators to support our members growth and networking opportunities given our location and the proximity to the Real Estate Association.

Will I have option to present my business to the other members?

Yes, you will be able to present your business to the ICONIC Workspaces community through our social media channels, member’s portal and at our networking events. You just need to reach out to our community manager to arrange the details because we want to make sure that every member has the same exposure opportunities.

What is the Social Member Portal?

It is our online portal to connect with the community. While nothing can replace meeting and socializing with members in person, our portal is designed to give you a head start in networking with other like-minded members and promoting your company to members you may not yet have had the opportunity to interact with in person. Features include:

  • Announcements section designed to keep you informed about important center happenings
  • Create a profile to promote your business and personal interests - the more you fill in your profile, the more you are displayed on the portal homepage
  • Search and connect with other members using the "follow" feature
  • Ask the community for recommendations, post job openings, search for applicants or get referrals & recommendations using the "status" and "shout out" collaboration tools
Virtual Offices

What are the benefits on getting a Virtual Office?

With a local phone number and a prestigious mailing address, your virtual office allows you to:

  • Give your business the right entrepreneurial image, without having to rent a physical space
  • Present a Miami location to your clients, no matter where your company is headquartered
  • Test the waters of Miami’s marketplace before committing to an office lease; a virtual office can be the first step towards your own office in our location!
  • Limit your expenditures / overhead costs by having our staff answer your phones
  • Avoid commuting costs

How does it work?

There are different Virtual Office Plans to choose from, to cover your specific needs. Depending on the plan you select you get:

  • Mail and Packages reception service
  • Dedicated local phone number
  • Personalized phone answering service under your company name
  • Dedicated Voice Mailbox with Message Forwarding Service via email
  • Bilingual receptionist
  • Hours per month of workspace usage
  • Discounted rates for Conference Rooms and Offices

How do I get started?

The process to get started is quick and easy: you just need to submit your information through our “Become a Member” form, and we will get in touch with you immediately.

We will provide you with the form to confirm the instructions you want us to follow to handle your phone calls, mail, packages and visitors.

Would I be able to change plan if I need to?

Of course! You are in control of your membership services and have complete flexibility with any of the services that we offer. If we can assist you better by setting you up with a different type or level of service or in any other way, just let us know.

You also can upgrade to a full-time private office when you are ready.

Would the center staff be able to assist me with admin tasks?

The center team will be pleased to assist you with any secretarial task:  Print and Bind your presentations, scan documents, organize files, prepare spreadsheets, schedule your appointments and meetings, arrange the shipping of mail and packages, deposit your checks, do your hotel bookings and more.

Conference Rooms and Events

Do I need to be a member to book a room?

No, you do not, but you will benefit greatly from our members discounts if you do become one.

What is your cancelation policy?

We understand that plans change often in the business world and want to keep things as flexible as possible:

  • Future bookings cancelled within two hours of making the booking, no cancellation fee will apply
  • Booking 1-10 people: Free cancellation within 24 hours
  • Booking 11-20 people: Free cancellation within 3 working days
  • Booking 21-30 people: Free cancellation within 7 working days
  • Booking 31-50 people: Free cancellation within 15 working days
  • Booking 51-70 people: Free cancellation within 20 working days
  • Booking 70+ people: Free cancellation within 30 working days
  • Bookings at Plaza Lot: Based on building management policy

Can I get into the room before my booking?

When booking a room, consider booking 30 minutes prior to the actual start time of your meeting - especially if you need time to prepare the room with your materials and special touch. If you have a phone call at 10:00 AM, don’t book the room starting at 10:00, but rather at 9:30, which will give you time to arrive and get ready for the 10:00 call.

The thing to keep in mind is the room may be booked prior to your meeting and you may not have access to the room until your start time.

We guarantee access to your room at the start time of your booking but not before. We can’t stress this enough – to avoid frustration and a mad rush to get set up, please add 30 minutes to your booking.

How does payment work?

We do not require payment prior to the use of the rooms, except for non-members events that will take place after hours or during weekend and events at the building Plaza Lot that require full payment in advance. For normal hours bookings we will collect payment the day of the event, unless you are a member, in which case the charge will be included in your monthly invoice.

For non-members, we do require that you leave a credit card on file in order to make the reservation. Payments can be made with credit card, check, ACH or cash. Unless other arrangements have been made, we expect payment on the day of the booking, or we can provide you with the invoice in advance for you to submit the payment online.

What if I use the room for less or longer than what I booked for?

You will be charged for the greater amount of what you booked or what you used. We will let you know at the start of your meeting if there is someone booked immediately after your booking, so you’ll know in advance if there is an option to go over your booked time.

Do you offer coffee break or catering options?

Of course! We can provide coffee breaks or catering options. We work with our neighbor’s restaurants and coffee shops to offer the best option for our clients. Just ask and we will be delighted to assist!

Can I book an after-hours or weekend meeting?

Yes, but by appointment only. After Hours and weekends bookings must be booked 1 week prior to the booking, and payment is collected at the time of the booking. In addition, there is a 4-hour minimum for weekend bookings and a premium charged for the person that needs to be there to assist you during the meeting.

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