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Happy Hours x Vacations: How Both Terms Could Improve Your Teamwork

Happy Hours x Vacations: How Both Terms Could Improve Your Teamwork

When you become a team member, you develop an extraordinary feeling and prepare yourself for every work assigned to you by the management. That's because you rely on the collaboration of other team members. It has been proved many times that taking a break from the everyday monotonous and tedious office days gives him a sense of placidity and composure. As a result, the person can get away with the humdrum.

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How Does the Digital Workplace Support the Learning Organization?

How Does the Digital Workplace Support the Learning Organization?

As the world advances in technology, the workplace itself is seeing some major changes as well. The last couple of years has, however, shown everyone the popularity and potential of digital workplaces and how they can impact our lives. Besides positively impacting working lives, the learning community is also seeing a positive change through the digital workplace.

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Mindset: How Changing The Way You Think Will Help You with Your Productivity

It's shocking to learn how much our mind can actually control our body. The way we think and train our brains to function can impact our productivity drastically. Having a mindset that runs on positivity and tries to look at the brighter side can improve our overall efficiency in professional and personal lives.

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Five Creativity Exercises To Boost Your Artistic Thinking

Five Creativity Exercises To Boost Your Artistic Thinking

When it comes to the artistic thinking process, creativity is fundamental. By practicing creativity exercises, you can progressively enhance your artistic thinking. Creativity exercises are challenges that help you come up with fresh ideas both with and without the constraint of time.

When you generate ideas, you are weighing two key factors at the same time: fluency and flexibility. Fluency is delineated as the number of ideas you can create in a given amount of time (speed) and flexibility reflects one's individuality. When fluency and flexibility are combined, you can develop a diverse set of concepts to explore and choose from.

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