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Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the “Workcation”

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the “Workcation”

We can conclude that 2021 will be a year of establishing professional relations with leisure. Precisely with this junction we are going to call a "workcation."
For a certain period, be it a week or the time you want, where during that period you can work in various places. Different from where you live.

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How to be productive at a home office

How to be productive at a home office

Working from home starts off sounding like a great perk. You can wear your pajamas, sleep in, avoid the dreaded morning commute and so much more. But, once you have gotten used to all of that you may find that working from home is more of a challenge than a perk.

This particularly happens if ...

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7 Tips to Organize Your Day

7 Tips to Organize Your Day

With current times being so crazy, it can be hard to strike a routine. All of us are at home and navigating the obstacle of working from home. It can be hard to focus on your job when you’re at home. This is thanks to constant distractions, improper work environments, pets, kids and so on. ...

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What are the benefits of having a Virtual Receptionist for my business?

What are the benefits of having a Virtual Receptionist for my business?

When it comes to Virtual Receptionist, some people think that it is an automated technology that answers phone calls. Actually, here at NEXT Workspaces, the virtual receptionist is a real person fully prepared to help you! The “virtual” part just means that they are not in your office. Their presence is virtual, but the professional ...

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Private office: how does it works in a coworking space?

Private office: how does it works in a coworking space?

Although the coworking space became popular very quickly as a smart solution for startups and SME, some people still have doubts about its amenities. If you are thinking about moving your business address, you might be wondering how does a private office works there. At first it may sound strange, since coworking spaces are known ...

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What amenities are available in a Virtual Office?

What amenities are available in a Virtual Office?

Do you work home office and wish to have a suitable place to serve your customers and receive correspondence, but also get scared when you imagine the maintenance cost of a conventional office, such as receptionists, rental, cleaning, internet, furniture, electricity and so on? If so, a virtual office can be a smart solution for ...

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The biggest myths about virtual offices

The biggest myths about virtual offices

Over the past few years, virtual offices became very popular for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Although this type of service has a lot of benefits, especially for startups, some people still remain afraid of it due to misinformation and myths that were created. Check it out:

1) They are too expensive

The truth is, ...

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What is a Virtual Office and why is it important for my business?

What is a Virtual Office and why is it important for my business?

The Business World today is much more democratic than a decade ago. Back then, when you thought about opening a small company, you were almost obligated to rent a commercial building. Nowadays, working at home is already a reality, but there are still some situations in which it might be necessary to have a local ...

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