Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the “Workcation”

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the “Workcation”

We can conclude that 2021 will be a year of establishing professional relations with leisure. Precisely with this junction we are going to call a "workcation."

For a certain period, be it a week or the time you want, where during that period you can work in various places. Different from where you live.

You could work during the day and have fun at night. Or you can mix things and mix up work and leisure throughout the day.

An interesting concept that emerged is this concept of "workcation". With remote work entering the mainstream, there is a large cohort that is no longer tied to their desks and has a suppressed thirst for travel. It’s become interesting that the lines between work and leisure are now blurred.

The concept of workcation was born in the US with the strong diffusion of digital technologies, accelerated and uniquely amplified.

What Does The Research Tell Us about Workactions?

The study published in 2021 by the University of Tokyo, examined the origin and development of workcation in the country, concluding that the model "has been enhancing creativity, learning, and introspection through close ties between people and communities."

For example, The Harris Poll revealed that 74% of remote workers are seriously considering adopting workcation as part of their employment contract. 

Analyzing studies related to the work environment, it is concluded that changing the environment can help unlock the productive side, this leads to amazing things for your work, your creativity. 

On vacation, we end up not producing anything, so it would be great to make better use of the time, imagine that you can do your duties and visit new places, live new experiences, as soon as you finish your work you would be free to venture out.

Top Benefits Of A Workcation

A workstation gives you the freedom to do just that: spend your days taking care of work, and then enjoy a delicious relaxing dinner with the people most important to you.

Booking.com predicts that people will be looking to take longer trips in the future, extending their vacations for an additional week or two to work remotely. 

For some, the flexibility of working from home roles means nothing is stopping them from hitting the beach with the family for a few hours at lunch and then doing what they need in the evenings.

More than a third of travelers have already considered booking accommodation to work from a different location.

The workstation is available for large companies, but make no mistake, even small ones, startups, entrepreneurs, or even freelancers can make do with their schedules. 

Where You Can Setup Your Workcation

The workplace can be wherever you want, whether that location is in your city or even in another country. The important thing is to stick to your schedule and fulfill your obligations.

Many years ago, the idea of a workcation was not even an option. Even if your company allowed it, it was nearly impossible to find a good place, with affordable WiFi. But today, many companies have adopted the idea of working from anywhere, especially after the global pandemic.

Workcation is not a vacation, but neither is a conventional job, it offers you some freedoms. And now that you know this new way of working. What was once common for the rich, is now possible for everyone.

Some hotels offer employment packages that include a great place to focus, offer support, and other resources. 
Another great place to set up your workcation lifestyle, especially in the Miami area, would be using a co-working space, such as Iconic Workspaces, so you can easily hit the beach after your day of work.