WFH vs the Office: Why the Future of Work is Not Either/Or

WFH vs the Office: Why the Future of Work is Not Either/Or

The Working From Home (WFH) vs the Office debate is a very controversial topic on the internet nowadays. It’s also a fact that Covid changed how the world works and influences working from home; but the office is too critical to be shunned.

Currently, many people are eager to go back to the office and consider working from home hard for different reasons. So there are no two ways about which the future model will look like. To start the list of WFH grievances, five of them deserves more important to pay attention to:

  1. There is no place to go or work except home. There is no coffee shop, no gym, park, or any other place to go even if you want to.
  2. There is no change of scenery. In some cases, there is even more work. The place you used to relax, your home, is now your work area.
  3. There is no more way to spend time with friends or coworkers like water cooler chats or happy hours.
  4. There is no physical contact. Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing tools cause fatigue to everyone.
  5. There are plenty of distractions at home like a family calling every second, dog barking, and many others.

Is Working From Home All That Bad?

Despite WFH failing to be as good as many imagined to see, working from home isn’t as bad as it sounds. The main problem nowadays with Covid and not just the work from home alternative. Today, solitary confinement is one of the most difficult things everyone is experiencing.

The debate is almost always extreme: working from home vs the office. But, WFH in the future can be somewhat enjoyable, liberating, and relaxing experience. Here, there are some tips and actions to make WFH vs the office battle easier towards the WFH side:

Meeting friends, whenever possible, before starting a job. Find a good and comfortable place here. Maybe a plaza or a coffee shop shall work well.

Try to stretch a little bit at least once every two hours.

Work as far as possible from your bed or your own house, if possible.

Define times to start working and to end. It is important to establish routines to maximize efficiency.

Take time for lunch and, if possible, with your friends or family.

Why Is WFH Not At All Like We Imagined?

Almost everyone worked a bit from home during 2020 and there is no right future about WFH vs the office debate. There is only one common truth: there is no more boundary between work and home, the walls between it were erased. At this moment, the best possibility is to avoid as much contact as possible and slowly walk in the direction of an uncertain future.

During WFH many workers discovered that productivity is not driven by hours in the clock. Some people say that they have less than four productive hours per day. A very small group can reach 8 hours of work WFH. The main tip is to be productive when you have energy and rest when you need it. But, be cautious not to rest most of the time.

Ask yourself now, what is the meaning of working from home? Is it boring? That is because you made it that way. Do you miss contact? That is not your work fault, it’s mainly because of the world situation forcing that. One of the biggest issues of working from home is because there is a mix of work area and relaxing area. So, the question is, what are the things that made you relax at home before? Try those out and see how you feel.

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