Microsoft Makes a Serious Commitment to Hybrid Work

Microsoft Makes a Serious Commitment to Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is being hugely promoted by Microsoft recently. Alongside letting employees work from home half of the time, Microsoft is releasing a series of content related to Hybrid Work. The first, more important in this year was released on March 22 and was entitled: “The philosophy and practice of our hybrid workplace. The second one, on May 12, entitled: “Securing a new world of hybrid work: What to know and what to do”. On May 21, it was released “How Microsoft approaches hybrid work: A new guide to help our customers”.

In this way, it is possible to affirm that Microsoft is making a serious commitment to hybrid work. Here, it displayed and discussed the main points presented in those contents from Microsoft. So, it analyzed three areas: hybrid work philosophy, methods to secure hybrid work, and how Microsoft is currently working with hybrid work.

Hybrid Work Philosophy

COVID – 19 was the main factor to ensure the commitment to hybrid work. The pandemic brought numerous difficult circumstances related to well-being and safety. In this way, Microsoft decided to use this period in time to evolve to hybrid work. Some of Microsoft's actions were to develop additional capabilities for its employees, customers, and the entire company.

Since the beginning of the world spread of COVID – 19, Microsoft has set, as the main objective, the well-being, and safety of its employees. Thereby, Microsoft looks forward to being under government requirements for working areas.

Alongside that, hybrid work allowed employees more flexibility, allowing them to work where they feel more comfortable and productive. It’s also important that Microsoft allowed, during a moment, for employees to decide whether to stay working from home or working onsite.

Methods To Secure Hybrid Work Positions

The Internet is essential for almost any kind of communication and jobs nowadays. It was observed that there was a more than 300 percent increase in hybrid works compared to the pre-pandemic world. Also, there was an increase of 28 percent in commercial and education emails in a year-over-year comparison. Alongside that, there are also 50 million password attacks every day. It means 549 password attacks per second. Besides the increase in internet usage, there is also an increase in internet security issues.

Microsoft believes that security is everyone's job and in this way, they created a technology plan to transition to hybrid work and released it as: “Implementing a zero-trust security model at Microsoft”. It’s possible to summarize brief guidance over four pillars: keep devices healthy, security is everyone's job, securing home offices, and building for Zero Trust.

How Is Microsoft Currently Working With Hybrid Work?

Microsoft released two resources that help organizations adopt hybrid works. One of the resources is more focused on workers and it is named Hybrid Workplace Flexibility Guide. The content spans the commitment to enable diverse workstyles, relies on mindset shifts, considers individual needs, and is based on technology. 

The second one, Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders, is focused, as the name suggests, on business leaders. Its content is divided into three main topics: the hybrid imperative, embracing Microsoft’s approach to hybrid work, and actionable steps to adopt hybrid work.

There are some tips that Microsoft recommends for successfully adopting hybrid work. Some of them are moving everything to the cloud as fast as possible, digitizing every business process from operations to sales, and using Zero-Trust security. The latter consists of using the zero-trust architecture that is the concept that devices should not be trusted by default even if connected to a corporate network or previously verified.


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