Private office: how does it works in a coworking space?

Private office: how does it works in a coworking space?

Although the coworking space became popular very quickly as a smart solution for startups and SME, some people still have doubts about its amenities. If you are thinking about moving your business address, you might be wondering how does a private office works there. At first it may sound strange, since coworking spaces are known as a dynamic and interactive place with a lot of different people.

In this article, we are going to present some reasons to you attempt this service for your business!


Similar to the Coworking Space’s plans, the Private Office is flexible with rental, allowing you to rent it by hour or day with affordable pricings. If you want to give up the idea of paying overhead expenses in your current office without losing the privileges of working in a private environment, a private office can be a great solution! You can enjoy the same amenities as a corporate office such as furnitures, internet connection and telephone without having to purchase all the equipment. Although it is located inside of a coworking space, the private office is occupied by only one work team.


Good cost-benefit

You can count on desks, chairs, printers, projectors, fully equipped kitchen, TVs, air conditioning, Wi-Fi connection and all the structure you need. By investing in a private office you are granted access to state-of-the-art equipment that could make your brand stand out when you receive customers for a meeting. You can also have a secretarial support and personalized call answering to welcoming your guests in a friendly and professional manner. All these amenities with affordable pricings will help you to save money in order to invest in your business growth.

Business address

You have a real address that allows you to receive customers and all the legal, taxes and bills correspondence related to your business anytime.

Good location

Generally, coworking spaces and private offices are strategically located close to metro stations, places of business and parking lots, making life easier for you, your coworkers and customers.

Quiet place

There is an absence of noise in a private office due to its structure. It allows greater concentration and improves the work efficiency of your team. Are you looking for an affordable private office solution in Miami? NEXT Workspaces is located in the heart of Miami - FL and offers office rooms that are available in different sizes & layout options. With an amazing furniture and ambience, you can start to operating your business from day 1 with us!

Our mission is to make you feel that NEXT Coworking Space in Miami is YOUR office!

Between the amenities are:

  • Fiber speed Wi-Fi all throughout the office;
  • VOIP Phone with local calls included;
  • State of the art furniture;
  • Bilingual Receptionist;
  • Complimentary coffee, assorted teas and water;
  • Preferred access to Conference Rooms;
  • Among many more things.

If you want to know more details about our Private Offices, visit NEXT's website and schedule a tour with our staff!