What amenities are available in a Virtual Office?

What amenities are available in a Virtual Office?

Do you work home office and wish to have a suitable place to serve your customers and receive correspondence, but also get scared when you imagine the maintenance cost of a conventional office, such as receptionists, rental, cleaning, internet, furniture, electricity and so on? If so, a virtual office can be a smart solution for operating your business!

A virtual office offers a great private space, allows you to hire receptionist, phone answering, mail reception, among other services. And the best thing about a virtual office is that it has a low investment compared to conventional offices.

Check below more information about the main amenities available in a virtual office:

Business address

You will be able to produce your institutional material with a real business address. Besides, you can also receive all the legal, taxes and bills correspondence. This kind of service, especially for open-minded professionals and for those who choose the home office, adds credibility for the communication with customers.

Phone answering

Instead of hiring employees to answer calls, take notes and transfer calls, the phone answering service offers all this with a fixed cost. You will get a dedicated local phone number, which makes the service fully personalized.

Mail and packages reception service

Even though we live in the digital age, keeping a physical address to mail management is essential. The service includes receiving, sorting and forwarding of correspondence, which ensures the residential secrecy for you.

Meeting rooms rental

They are a good place to strike a deal, discuss projects, meet with partners, team training and business proposals. Not only meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but you will have a quiet and private environment anytime.

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