What is a Virtual Office and why is it important for my business?

What is a Virtual Office and why is it important for my business?

The Business World today is much more democratic than a decade ago. Back then, when you thought about opening a small company, you were almost obligated to rent a commercial building. Nowadays, working at home is already a reality, but there are still some situations in which it might be necessary to have a local business address to serve customers. That is where a virtual office can help you.

What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office is a service that generally includes personalized phone answering, mail, packages reception and business address. Some companies offer these services separately or together. Companies that offer this kind of service usually provide at least one receptionist, meeting room, private offices or shared desks. When a new customer signs the service, an exclusive telephone number is also generated. Professionals that sign for a virtual office do not have the need of being physically in the workplace everyday. They generally work at home or travel between cities and only use the office when it is necessary to have a meeting or pick up mail. Virtual offices are an excellent option for business, especially for startups and entrepreneurs that need to keep costs down during the development of a professional corporate image. Find below some of the benefits of using Virtual Office:

Saves money

The Virtual Office has everything in one place: offices, meeting rooms, telephone, internet service and reception. It means that monthly cost will be much smaller for you. It is a very good cost-benefit for those who seek to obtain a serious corporative image and to serve customers with quality. You can reduce costs and turn them into investments for your business.

The customer support is made at Virtual Office

When you use a Virtual Office, you will receive an exclusive telephone number, and a secretary is responsible for the customer support. They will answer on your behalf, or on behalf of your company, and take all the messages. If there is some immediate demand, the secretary will be ready to handle it.

Use of business address

With a Virtual Office, you will have a business address, which can be used as your tax address - for the constitution of the company. Therefore, you can produce your institutional material (e.g. business card, promotions, etc) with a real business address. Besides, you can also receive all the legal, taxes, and bills correspondence. Having a business address reinforces the image of a structured and professional business.

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