Meet the Team: How to Make the Workspace Comfortable for the First Face-To-Face Meeting?

Meet the Team: How to Make the Workspace Comfortable for the First Face-To-Face Meeting?

Whether you’re hiring a new employee or an employee that’s gotten a  new job, the first face-to-face meetings are always crucial and can play an important role in the relationship moving forward. From making sure all the necessary equipment is there, to having an agenda there are a few things that you should look out for, when introducing your new employee to the team, through a face-to-face meeting. 

Set The Agenda

As a manager that’s introducing your new employee to the team, you want to make sure you’re organized with all your necessary information and documents in one place. Your new employee will look up to you as a leader and it’s important to get the first impression right. 

Make Sure You’re Easy To Reach 

For someone who’s being introduced to the team for the first time, you must have your face-to-face meeting in an easy-to-reach location.

If your office is in a hard-to-reach area, consider a co-working space first. If you don’t have a physical office at all, a coworking space is still a great idea. Pick a place that is easy to reach, or is surrounded by some famous landmarks. Consider parking as well, no one wants to show up at a venue with no parking only to get frustrated. 

Set Up Your Space

Having a meeting room or a space for your face-to-face meeting is great, however, it can turn into a bad experience if the room isn't set up. This means essentials such as notepads, water bottles, a projector, the proper amount of chairs, and even the room temperature are factors you should consider.

Wherever you’re hosting your face-to-face meeting, make sure the room is equipped with all the things you may need. Make sure all furniture is set up right, and there’s enough space in the room to walk around, no one likes a congested space, especially in their first meeting.

Have A Pantry 

While it may seem a little unnecessary, a pantry can make a lot of difference in the production environment. Face-to-face meetings with the team can often take a lot of time, and often go over the expected duration. This is why taking breaks is important. 

Having a fully stocked pantry helps your new team member to run and get a refill of their coffee. Snacks and water should also be readily available in the pantry, so everyone including your team members can take a break whenever they feel like it. 

Co-working spaces are again a great idea because they're usually stocked with a pantry, and most of them have free-flow of coffee, tea, and water. 

Make Notes 

It’s very common to have ideas and questions that you might want to ask the new employee or team member, however, once the conversation starts you may forget them. To prevent this from happening, start noting down anything you might want to discuss on a notepad or simply on your phone. 

These can be questions, points of interest, as well as anything else that might interest you. It’s also a good idea to make notes of some important company points, that you may feel might be asked by your new teammate or employee. 

Make Introductions

Introductions are very important, not only do they clear the air about everyone’s names and jobs but also make the new team member feel included. If you’re the leader or project manager, start by introducing yourself to the new team member, you may then go around the table and introduce everyone sees in the team and their designations. 

Once you’re done, you may then introduce the new team member to your existing team. This clears out the air and avoids the awkward silence where people have to introduce or say something about themselves. 

Final Thoughts 

With all the pointers, face-to-face meetings for the first time can still be intimidating. This is why you can start by checking these points off and making your space as comfortable as possible. Reminding your existing team members to be polite and respectful is another important point. If you’re using a coworking space, be sure to let them know of any special requests beforehand. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect coworking space, be sure to check out Iconic Workspaces