How Does the Digital Workplace Support the Learning Organization?

How Does the Digital Workplace Support the Learning Organization?

As the world advances in technology, the workplace itself is seeing some major changes as well. The last couple of years has, however, shown everyone the popularity and potential of digital workplaces and how they can impact our lives. Besides positively impacting working lives, the learning community is also seeing a positive change through the digital workplace. 

So, here are a few ways in which the digital workplace is supporting the learning organization. 

Cost Reduction

Ever since the inception of the digital workplace, companies, employers, and employees have all seen reduced costs when it comes to several factors. The main factor is transportation. 

In many cases, costs are associated with employee training and learning programs. Large companies bear transportation costs and if they don't, the employee does. However, with the digital workplace, coming into the office is no longer a necessity and therefore costs are reduced. This is a positive point for both employers and employees. 

In addition to costs, all parties involved also save a lot of time. Commuting is often the number one problem people have with their office lives, exhausting them over and over. 

Readily Available Content

Lectures, training programs, and classes become a lot more accessible for employees when they’re digital. Most digital classes or lectures can be saved to view later, however many times you like. Employees that are either busy or unable to attend the lecture at the time can take advantage of this feature and access the material anytime. 

This feature is also greatly beneficial for employees around the world. They can access and view the same content, as everyone else from anywhere in the world. 

Being able to view a class or lecture numerous times is also a major advantage of the digital workplace. Oftentimes, people may not understand something or have questions but are too shy to ask. They can always go back and view the material as much as they want. 

Comprehensive Onboarding Process 

For many employees, the onboarding process of their new company can make or break the first impression. It can be tiring, and complicated to arrange and execute onboarding processes in real-time, however, it becomes a lot easier, smooth and integrated with the digital workplace.

Employers can design a single onboarding process and present it to all their employees. Not only does it make it more efficient, but employees feel more integrated as well when they’re all treated the same while being welcomed into the company. 

AI-Based Training

Artificial intelligence has been making waves in several areas when it comes to the digital world, one of them being digital learning. Artificial intelligence-based training can learn from how most employees react to a training class and amend it accordingly. 

These processes happen in a fast and efficient manner. While professional learning trainers can do the same, they tend to be a lot slower and more expensive. With artificial intelligence, companies need to invest in software only once and it will learn itself from there, through the digital workplace. 

Overall Better Connectivity 

While many think that people only connect when face to face, the digital workplace has shown the opposite to be true. Employees tend to connect with everyone a lot better, and more efficiently when using the digital workplace. This is because most of the time they don't have to be taken out of their comfort zones. 

People tend to be a lot more confident in areas they’re comfortable in. This allows for more natural, free-flowing conversations. Managers, trainers, and team leaders can also interact with anyone, anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds when the entire learning organization is present in the digital workplace.

Better communication equals faster, more efficient learning and training being delivered more efficiently than ever. 

Final Thoughts 

While it’s true that coming into an office and face-to-face meetings are important, the modern world is progressing more in the digital arena. Artificial Intelligence and VR are some tools that are going to continue to push the boundaries of the digital workplace, as well as the learning organization. 

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