Conference Rooms: How to Approach Your Team and Be More Effective & Productive

Conference Rooms: How to Approach Your Team and Be More Effective & Productive

Whether it’s a meeting between the team members or a detailed conference with a client, it’s important to ensure that the outcome is effective. Holding productive meetings is not difficult at all since all it just requires is a more focused mindset.


Using a conference room to conduct these can have a major impact on your effectiveness and productivity, both. As someone who is incharge of leading these, learning the art of approaching the team correctly is vital. Below are a few ways to conduct an effective meeting.


Have an Objective


The first rule of running a conference with a fruitful outcome is having an objective to work towards. Before the commencement, the aims and targets should be stated clearly. Setting a purpose and sitting together to share relevant information can lead to a successful meeting.


A specific time slot should be dedicated for each concern which needs to be discussed. Moreover, a Q&A session is equally important to make sure minds aren't clouded and most doubts have been cleared out. 


Meetings which are based on a problem solving narrative should actively work towards closing it with an outcome most members agree upon.


Encourage Engagement


A successful and productive meeting should involve most of the employees participating and adding their opinions. Anyone who is leading the meeting should encourage others to speak and contribute as well.


However, to gain 100% engagement from each participant, it’s important to keep things precise. Different people should take turns in short intervals so mostly everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts. 


To avoid the phenomenon of zoning out, keep the discussions alive and request for as much attention as possible. Picking optimal timings where employees are more charged can be beneficial in this regard as well.


Utilize the Conference Room


Having a dedicated room to hold conferences and meetings can make a big difference as well. Most participants feel a lot more engaged when things become visual, this means that presentation slides can be involved for illustration purposes. 


Most people also feel a sense of responsibility when they are invited to a conference room to take part in a meeting. Utilizing the tools a conference room offers can lead to a more rewarding and effective meeting.


The conference room also makes things a lot more personal which then gives them the confidence to share their thoughts without any fear. However, the person leading the conversation should make sure the environment is healthy and friendly enough for everyone to involve themselves. 


Avoid Distractions


Anything that takes the team away from being present should be avoided. This also involves picking the right time for the meeting so no one has to be stuck to their laptops or phones. Giving the team the independence to pick the time is necessary.


In addition to that, usage of laptops and phones should be discouraged unless it’s urgent. Eliminating these devices decreases the chance of being distracted by unnecessary information or aimless social media scrolling. 


Implementing conference room rules can help majorly when it comes to working towards getting rid of most distractions around you.


Brainstorm Together 


A great way of being effective together is by indulging in brainstorming sessions together as a team. This not only works as a team building activity but also leads to an effective way of solving any problem.


A conference room can make this exercise easier since everyone present there is working towards the same agenda. Being gathered around a table to talk and share opinions can be a great way to brainstorm and stick together as a team.


It’s a proven fact that humans tend to work better in the company of other productive people around them. Brainstorming together can undoubtedly lead to higher productivity and improved outcomes.




Having a space such as a conference room can allow you to work productively towards important goals. It decreases distractions and brings in a team together to solve things together and brainstorm actively.


There might be cons of holding meetings in a conference room but increased effectiveness is definitely not one of those. The person in-charge should approach the team better and gather them in a conference room if various tasks need to be segregated or important decisions need to be made. 


The role of a conference room is changing in modern working spaces, a fresher layout is making it working together a lot better when you’re working towards a similar aim. 

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