Body Language: Learn To Communicate Your Ideas And Be More Successful In Your Career

Body Language: Learn To Communicate Your Ideas And Be More Successful In Your Career

While verbal communication is often considered as one of the most important and crucial ways of communication, there are other ways as well. Among which, body language is another major way of communication which can arguably even overshadow verbal communication at times. 


Body language can play an even more crucial part when in the professional setting. How your body movement is can dictate a lot about what you’re trying to convey, these body movements can conclude body gestures, eye movements, hand movements and more. 


Significance Of Body Language 


Body language has the ability to communicate faster than words do, therefore it’s crucial to know how to use your body language to properly and clearly convey the message you intend to pass on. 


According to research, a significant 55% of communication is carried out by body language. This means that more than half of your message is being passed on by how your body language is. Therefore it’s important to make the right gestures while also looking natural and confident, otherwise it can all go wrong. 


Job Interviews


Job interviews are an important area where your body language can be tested. It’s important to make sure that you don't look too stiff or closed while also not appearing over confident. Biting your nails, rocking your feet or continuously looking around the room are signs of stress and lack of confidence. 


These can be used against you in a job interview where you will give out the impression of being scared or not ready for the job. In the same manner, speaking too loud, appearing egoistic or cutting off your interviewer are signs that you have ego issues and will not suit the company values. 


Using appropriate and moderate hand gestures while talking, looking the person in the eye, smiling and keeping yourself intact are some of the best body movements that display confidence, humbless and intellect. 


How To Improve Body Language


There are ways to improve your body language. Practicing some of the steps and pointers listed down below can prove to have a significantly positive impact on your professional life and in a work setting. 




Hand gestures are a big part of body language and they can make or break your pitch, presentation or simply any point you’re trying to make. Overtly using hand gestures can tire the audience and confuse people. Whereas standing stationary with your arms in one place makes you look scared, uninterested and not confident. 


Finding the right balance between the two is how you can get the ideal body gestures for your body language. 


Eye Contact


Whether you’re getting interviewed, taking instructions from your boss or simply having a professional conversation with your colleague, eye contact can speak volumes. People that constantly look away are considered to be unsure of what they’re talking about or seen as if they’re hiding something. 


Whereas people that constantly stare into people’s eyes are considered disturbing, disrespectful and violating. It’s important to know when to look the other person in the eye, and acholege what they’re saying. 


Examine And Understand The Other Person’s Body Language


This point will also help make a major difference in how a successful conversation can be carried out in a professional work environment. People that have their eyes down, or hands in their pockets or closed up are seen to be uninviting and you would not want to walk up to them and start a conversation. 


Whereas, people that have their head up, aware and have some body gestures going around are generally considered open. You can also tell from someone’s eye contact whether or not they are impressed or interested in what you’re talking about. 




In conclusion, body language has shown to play a significant role in our daily communication and it becomes even more important in professional life.


Knowing what kind of eye contact to make with your boss and with your colleague as well as how often to use hand gestures during a presentation are key factors to helping you achieve the ideal body language. With that said, there are plenty of ways to improve and polish up on your body language when it comes to the professional work environment. 


Co-working spaces are ideal when it comes to this. By providing everyone with a diverse working space, people can communicate, understand and learn body language techniques which a cubicle or their home office could never provide. For the top notch co-working space experience, visit Iconic Workspaces and start improving your body language now.