Flexibility And Community Are Some Of The Benefits Coworking Is Bringing To The Newly Self-Employed

Flexibility And Community Are Some Of The  Benefits Coworking Is Bringing To The Newly Self-Employed

Co-working spaces have emerged as some of the most successful, efficient and productive ways of getting your work done. The rise of COVID-19 and the social distancing measures it brought were major reasons that gave birth to a strong foundation for the need of co-working spaces. 


However, contrary to popular belief, co-working spaces have not only proven to be successful for office substitutes for companies or for start-ups to work, instead they have proven to be extremely beneficial for newly self-employed people. Bringing strong traits such as flexibility in your work life and schedule and an engaging community that helps everyone grow. 


Here are some ways coworking spaces are redefining the working experience for self-employed individuals. 




While some might still believe in the myth that a tight working schedule is what yields best results, the modern world and thought have moved well beyond that. It’s widely understood that everyone is unique and people approach work in their very own way. Flexibility is what gives people a chance to be creative and to get work done according to how they like it best. 


While office cubicles have not been the best examples of flexible workspaces, co-working spaces are certainly redefining it. Co-working spaces can consist of numerous and multiple types of layouts designed for creative, focused, interactive and other types of works. 


This allows the self-employed people to pick the area best for them, and even switch it up if they feel like it. 


Checking in and clocking out are other important factors that also differ to how people want to operate. Traditional offices don’t tend to be flexible and one’s home can become a very distracting place to work at. 


This is why co-working spaces have emerged as the haven for self-employed people that can check in and out whenever they want, knowing it’s their working space and no one will question them. 


Being flexible also allows self employed individuals to prioritize their work and tasks themselves, they can learn to manage their time and day better as compared to being told by their bosses. To be able to learn and take responsibility is another major advantage of having flexibility in your work life. 


These, along with numerous other benefits of flexibility come together to make a co-working space a truly comfortable yet professional environment where people can get their work done, how they want it done. 




Another crucial factor that co-working spaces carry as an advantage to them is the community they have. Since the workspace is not limited to any one company it consists of people from all kinds of various professional backgrounds coming together under one roof. 


Different professions coming together influence interaction and therefore open up opportunities for better ideas, creativity and bonding between people. This diverse culture at co-working spaces is what builds a community. 


The open-working style of co-working space also encourages interaction amongst people who might not be working in the same department. Companies have noticed that this cross-communication enables better creativity and collaborations. 


Community also helps build networks. Since people from all walks of life work in the same place, it opens up a new dimension of possibilities where people can interact and meet other like-minded individuals. The idea of getting hired is also a strong one in co-working spaces. 


While major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft and others have made the switch to co-working spaces, it’s the self-employed people that get to have the most advantage. The flexibility provided by co-working spaces enables them to work according to their time and be more efficient than ever. 


While being part of a community helps them grow, learn and even meet people from their industries which helps in networking. For years, self-employed individuals, especially those starting out have not had a dedicated space to get their work done. Going to coffee stores or trying to work at home are just ineffective and less-productive in the case of most people. 




To be able to have the professionalism of an office environment coupled with the more relaxed and friendly feeling of being home. These factors combined with the ability to interact with other people from the professional spectrum have proven to be ideal for newly self-employed individuals. 


Hence, co-working spaces have shot up in popularity, as they rightfully should. To experience similar flexibility and to engage in a community of diverse professionals, head down to Iconic Workspaces where you can have all your professional needs taken care of.