How to Craft Return to Office Plans That Center Compassion

How to Craft Return to Office Plans That Center Compassion

The pandemic forced many companies to switch to a full-on work from home concept. This wave challenged many supervisors and their teams greatly. Being able to develop plans that suit this method required immense hard work. However, the two years of practicing this system everyday made it a norm.


Now, we’re fortunately moving to better times. The situation has improved and the world is moving towards an endemic. This also means that many employees of the workforce will now be returning to the office. Their routines are severely affected by this change but the correct way to transition is still being analyzed and implemented by employers. 


Here are a few ways to craft a return to office plan while being compassionate and considerate:


Taking Safety Measures 


For every employer who has requested their workforce to return to the office, safety should be a priority. We might be going towards an endemic but this does not necessarily mean that the virus has been eradicated. In order to express compassion better, it's crucial to keep the office environment safe.


Including benefits that help the employees focus on their health can be a great way to motivate them. This also reflects an employer's concern about their well being. Health and safety measures should also include keeping their mental health in check.


Since we’re moving towards a major transition, it’s vital to understand that each human tackles change differently. Giving them the time to accept this and offer support could be a good method while taking measures.


Social distancing, usage of facial masks and self-testing should also remain as a common practice to avoid the employees from getting ill. After all, a human life or their health has the most value.


Tackling Difficulties With Patience


Understanding that mistakes and setbacks will be a part of this transition is important. Many employees who return to office will not be used to their previous commuting methods. Since they’ve fallen off the daily routine of traveling, delays might occur while they get their routine back on track. Penalizing minor delays can be avoided in the beginning.


Moreover, it might take some more time for people to work on their team working skills again. Working from home did reduce communication between teammates since the concept of sitting together to brainstorm while working was completely eliminated. Hence, it's important to understand that it will take them some time to become comfortable again.


To lead with compassion during these times, various activities can be introduced to help the employees cope better. Hosting a team building game or puzzle could bring the connection back and help the employees communicate with their partners better. 


During this change, the key to success is patience. Giving others the space to return back and integrate this lifestyle back in there could be a major help and even result in improved efficiency. 


Considering a Hybrid Working Method 


Many companies have considered moving towards a hybrid working method to keep things balanced. This means that employees are given the liberty to work with more flexibility. Every team can be given a set of days they are to work from the office and others from home.


A study shows that 40% of professionals would opt to work at home at least one day per week. Giving them this freedom can also result in better trust between both parties. If you’re wondering how it will be implemented, the process is simple. There can be a fixed number of days for them to be present at the office and work. Days like these can involve tasks which require team discussions or progress meetings.


On the contrary, working from home days can be the other fixed days which demand independent tasks and projects to be completed. Splitting the employees in various teams and giving them fixed days can be a wonderful and practical way to make this happen. 


This hybrid blend method gives people the best of both worlds. It will promote basic human interaction and teamwork along with quiet independent time to work on tasks which require more focus. 


While considering this method, it’s necessary to analyze and understand what kind of work your company delivers. Hybrid working systems can be ideal for some industries but many other sectors may still require full presence of the workforce to keep up with the work frequency. 




The breakdown of the pandemic was unfortunate indeed and impacted many lives. Whether this surge was personal or general, every human being has been affected. During these times, it's important to understand everyone around you and lead with compassion.

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