The Benefits of Getting a Conference Room and How to Set Up One for Your Team

The Benefits of Getting a Conference Room and How to Set Up One for Your Team

The space where we work together holds a lot of importance. Companies which provide services and cater to a big number of clients tend to sit for many conferences. This leads to employees spending a big chunk of their working hours in conference rooms. 

Since the world has become more virtual after the surge of Covid-19, the demand for these rooms have increased even further.


To ensure that team members are comfortable in the space and the conference runs smoothly, it’s necessary to set up a well equipped conference room. Here are a few ways to set up one for your team to work without any hassle.


Choosing the Right Equipment 


A conference room without the right equipment is just another meeting room. To make sure that it’s ready to handle conference calls regularly, the room should be equipped with the right tools. First and foremost, the internet and network bandwidth should be sufficient to carry out the meetings without any hiccups.


Along with that, collaborating platforms and softwares should be integrated within the devices which will hold the conference. Many companies often opt for Zoom or Google Meet and pick the ideal subscription package. This will make things a lot more seamless.


Speakers, mics and the right displays are also a major requirement of the conference room. These will play an important role when it’s time to communicate. Picking the right technology and tools can establish a strong eco-system through which conferences can be carried out easily. 


Including white boards or smartboards is another way to make things easier for the team members. Moreover, a 360 degree camera might be able to solve many issues as well.


Picking the Ideal Layout


The way a conference room is designed and laid out can either have a positive or negative impact on a company's clients and employees. The layout might seem like something which doesn’t hold much value but in all honesty, it does set the mood and is a reflection of the company’s culture.


Different seating styles and lighting accents also indicate the kind of conference it will turn out to be in the end. But before deciding this, the firm must be aware of the purpose it will serve such as holding presentations, hosting conferences or running a workshop. 


Picking the ideal layout will also have an effect on the conversations and discussions which will take place in this room. A bigger place with large glass panels can give a more relaxed look for better brainstorming while a rather closed space with classic furniture can be more intimidating for a client and can work well for some companies.


Making it Accessible 


Every tool and technology which has become a part of this conference room should be accessible. If something more advanced is being installed, the employees should be trained to access it easily. This might be slightly time taking but it will prove to be very efficient in the longer run.


In addition to that, the room itself should be easier to find. This will help the team members reach on time and stay on schedule. Setting up signages to indicate where it’s located is necessary too. The doors and furniture should be placed well for people to navigate their way easily. 

The screens, smart boards and cameras should be placed within an ideal distance. These tools should be able to accommodate the needs of every employee. Better accessibility will make the conference room a more approachable and friendly space. 


Setting Rules 


Having in-house rules or SOPs for every conference room can be a game changer. This will allow team members to understand that there are etiquettes of utilizing a shared space. Making space for others and working together should be the utmost priority.


These rules hold a lot more value during a pandemic. We are slowly moving towards an endemic now but it’s still our duty to maintain distance and follow a few health and safety guidelines. Sanitization could also be made an important part of these rules. 


Once the rules have been curated, each team member should be aware of these. Implementing them is as important as setting them in the first place. Following these can make the conference room a civilized and efficient space.  




A conference room is a major part of the office and setting up correctly for every employee’s ease is important. Following a few easy steps mentioned above can make this process a lot more easier. 


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