Having Trouble Choosing a Video Conference Platform?

Having Trouble Choosing a Video Conference Platform?

Working from home and need help deciding on a video conferencing platform? You're in good hands. Due to the obvious increase in numbers of people working from home since the pandemic, there has been a surge in the use of video conferencing platforms.

This simply indicates the popularity of these platforms is unlikely to cease anytime soon, and remote working has become the new norm. Owing to increased usage and new technology breakthroughs,  these platforms are continually evolving.

With so many developed options, it can be tough to determine which platform is the ideal for your needs. Let’s analyze the top three options available as a video conference platform. 


When most of us consider giving video conferencing platforms a thought, the first thing that may come to the minds of many is likely to be 'zoom.' Although the platform has been around since the past decade, most of us have really just begun to use it due to the social distancing season.

Over time, it has positioned itself as one of the industry leaders in video conferencing platforms, delivering a wonderful experience with high-quality video, and outstanding connectivity which eliminates disruptions in the work process.

The two reasons outlined below suffice for why this application has been positively embraced.  

Simple To Use And Compatible 

Installing the Zoom app is a simple three-step process: downloading, clicking  and running it open. Since  It's a cross-platform conferencing platform, it's flexible. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Easy on Budget

The software is free for personal and small business use, which distinguishes it from the other conferencing applications, which are all rather expensive. 

Zoom offers the first forty minutes of a meeting for free, which is sufficient time for small businesses. 

There are three different pricing categories for business subscriptions available for larger organizations, all of which are reasonably priced. These are Zoom enterprise, zoom business and Zoom Professional 

Microsoft Teams

Since its initial launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams has been one of the fastest-growing apps in history with millions of enterprises around the world using it.

Undoubtedly, It is one of the biggest video conferencing platforms you can make  use of if you need a solution to keep your workspace tidy. 

Microsoft has been adding new variations to Teams since the COVID-19 outbreak, making it a superior option to other popular applications. The following are two reasons why you should jump on it right away.

Reliable Connection

You have easy accessibility to all of your data when you use teams. No matter where you are, you can join meetings with a click of the mouse and continue to participate and connect with your colleagues, even through chatting. So you're always up to date, no matter where you are.

Easy to Schedule Meetings

You may arrange meetings in only four steps. Select the option for Scheduling a Meeting which is available below the option of new message Then select calendar and then create a new meeting. This will lead you to a pop-up window display and give you the option of choosing the meeting time and date. 

Google Meets

Another accessible and economical option is Google Meet, a conferencing application developed by Google. The global COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted many individuals and businesses to adopt online communication platforms for remote work, has increased its popularity in 2020, as has the case been with other video conferencing apps. 

Below are two significant reasons why it should be one of your top choices when it comes to video conferencing platforms.

Overall Efficiency 

Google Meet has been a hit, from hosting large video conferences to providing excellent video resolution. The platform's default video resolution is 360p and  can be changed to 720p. It also handles large-group conferences flawlessly, though with some lags here and there.

User Friendly

The google meet is designed for simplicity and makes it tremendously easy for users to join and create meetings for conferences with only a few clicks. Upon creation of a link, you can send the URL to participants via chat applications, email, and other methods like google calendar. 

Final Thoughts

The process of understanding which platform works for you and your company ideally might take some time and a few experiments. But eventually, the right one will make your meeting ecosystem extremely seamless. 

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