When the Meetings Cross the Border of "Not Being Stressful" and How to Change That

We want to feel as calm as possible and cool as a cucumber when attending a meeting to look professional and show ourselves as dependable workers, but this is easier said and done. Because tension and anxiety are bound to grab you no matter how much you try.

Still, you must take the bull by the horns and do your best to curb such feelings. We present some simple techniques, so here you go.

Wear Perfume 

Wear your favorite perfume to the meeting and try to inhale the aroma. Research has shown it makes the anxiety level come down.

Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing exercises are like massage therapy for the brain as they relax the nervous system rhythmically, like counting 3 in and then counting three out.

Pay Attention to Your Posture 

When you slump, it becomes hard to breathe easily, so try to sit up straight to breathe yourself to calmness. Yoga exercises are also about proper posture techniques. If you like yoga, it may help you a lot.

Avoid Caffeine 

The soothing effects of a naturally flavored drink will give you relief, but caffeinated beverages usually disturb you more if you are already anxious about the dreaded meetings. Several types of research have shown the benefits of herbal flavors like chamomile and peppermint in treating anxiety. 

Always be Ready to Take a Break 

A small break to get some fresh air or go to the washroom is beneficial to give yourself a bit of space. It helps a lot in bringing down any negative sentiments or even anger. This also gives you a few seconds away from the tense environment you must be part of.

Try to be Focused on Topics of Meeting 

Focusing on meeting topics or presentations will distract you from your tensions towards those issues, immediately bringing stress down. For some people being busy at work means less stress.

You should listen to what is being said so that your focus remains on the topic. It is said that the best listeners are the best contributors. So, having active participation is undoubtedly better than a rigmarole of stressful thoughts.

Your Coworking Space must be Stress-Free

Different researchers say that the surroundings in which we work have an immense influence on our stress levels. Making a few little changes to the coworking space will reduce tensions between colleagues and decrease the anxiety about dreaded essential meetings. Fear is always bad for productivity. Therefore, adding plants can be soothing to nerves and calm down jitters.

Looking at Photographs of Family

 Various studies and research have shown that looking at family photos' threat response to the brain cools down. So, it is a fact that interaction with loved ones decreases tensions and stress.

Doing Good rather than Looking Good. 

While locking horns with anxiety, it is recommended not to be obsessed with good looks but rather put more effort into your work. This will take much of the stress away. Don’t try to impress others; just try to be a part of them.

Write Down Notes for the Meeting 

Planning and scheduling will help you bring the stress to a low level. Sometimes writing notes about the simplest things will contribute a lot to your anxiety. These simple things may be requesting a colleague for little favors or asking unimportant questions for a smile here and there. 

Believe in Yourself 

In a study by Forbes, almost 70% of females don’t believe in the answers they give in meetings. To gain confidence and overcome stress, you must tell yourself that your boss or meeting organizer trusts your capabilities; that’s why they have invited you to the meeting. Now, you must contribute valuable content. This realization can take the tension down and boost your confidence.

Supporting the Ideas Put Forward by A Colleague 

Giving support to the ideas of any of your colleagues is always a good way to enter into speaking during a meeting while simultaneously pushing your stress hormone level to the lowest.

Final Thoughts 

A few strategies are essential to overcome this tension because it can impact how you act in your workplace and your job efficiency depends on it. Also, your mental health is boosted if you can control this dread. Coworking space always helps to maintain your integrity because it gives you a tension-free environment. 

Consequently, the stress is lessened considerably. So, if you’re looking for a co-working space for your needs, check out Iconic Workspaces