Happy Hour for Christmas: How to Use Your Co-Work to Get Together with Your Employees from All Over the World

Happy Hour for Christmas: How to Use Your Co-Work to Get Together with Your Employees from All Over the World


You would undoubtedly agree that some get-togethers at the office give you a little break from the daily grinding. We all look forward to some fun and party away from the daily job duties. Not only that, parties at the office boost the energy and efficiency of the employees. Keeping this in mind, many companies try to host galas for staff, especially in big cities. 

However, if you use a co-working space instead of an office, how will you utilize this concept specifically during Christmas in the shared office? Therefore you may participate in celebrations of Christmas at any co-working space and how it will benefit you and, of course, other people. Let us share some reasons with you.

Opportunities for Networking

Co-working is a new idea spurred by the pandemic for working professionals, whether freelancing, small business ownership, or employees of an office. The concept of co-working areas joins people from many departments and backgrounds. The celebration will be translated into a few networking options using innovative ideas that come up when you meet new people and share with them some exciting news and information.

You may also have a good time learning about different people from different work areas. You may strike new connections and even potential clients. Don’t you think this is an excellent way to network your business?

Preventing Office Politics

Co-working space is unlike typical offices where colleagues come from various fields of life, creating nearly zero chances of politics. Sometimes you work together as a team, but still, politics remains at low levels. This kind of surrounding will create regular competition without entering negative beaurocracy. Therefore a Christmas party with all the mates and co-workers can be enjoyed with fun bringing out many creative ideas and topics.

Casual Atmosphere

You can have more than one celebration while in a co-working area because there is a chance of many teams getting together in the same surroundings. To beat the stress, nobody needs to wait for just one party. 

Furthermore, this environment is casual, and you may chat with your employees or boss. You may also share food because nobody will be there as one to judge even little fun things.

Flexible Timings

Another perk of working in a shared office has flexible timings. So performing, eating, and even celebrating something without the tension of strict timings at the traditional offices can be avoided. The strict hours of the office, meeting deadlines, and other pressures keep you from attending any such get-togethers or business dinners. There will be no frowns or raised eyebrows if you are a couple of minutes late. 

On the other hand, co-working space will help make new friends and acquaintances. This Christmas, try not to leave your dinner alone, instead, do some planning with your co-working mates and have a good time. 

Create Charitable Events

At Christmas, people are in the giving spirit, taking advantage of such emotions. Events can be organized for local people or someone needy. This activity will give your colleagues at the co-working space reason for some purposeful get-togethers. Most people like to give back to the community. Moreover, if someone like potential customers takes notice, it would be an excellent marketing opportunity for you, your colleagues, the co-working space, or other businesses related to these events.

You will have to try and find causes that match all of you with the community. Then you may see whether you can volunteer for that cause, collect money, or even plan a charity event. Examples of such events may be providing food for community kitchens or food banks, gathering gifts or money for children, and collecting and making packages for the needy and homeless.

Organize Health and Wellness Campaign

The holidays at the end of the year might be stressful for some people, so rather than having a party with unhealthy and baked items, you may encourage your co-workers to engage in healthy activities like making salads together, getting some organic food for the party, cutting out sugar and starch from the get-together, inviting over some yoga or aerobic instructor to let yourself and others unwind a little.

Final Thoughts

In today’s life, everything evolves very fast, including workspace culture. Co-working spaces function in different areas and help a lot. Having some activities will undoubtedly boost the spirits and energy of all participating in being there. So if you are looking for a co-working space, try Iconic Workspaces