Adjusting The Coworking Space To Gen Z And How To Work Better With Them To Get More Productivity

Adjusting The Coworking Space To Gen Z And How To Work Better With Them To Get More Productivity

It’s no secret that Gen Z is the generation that prefers dramatically different rules when it comes to the working environment. Gone are traditional office rules and attire, and since Gen Z is indeed the future, it might not be a bad idea to understand their preferences in the working environment, co-working and how we can understand them to not only get along better but also to be more productive. 

Here are some values and practices that Gen Z prefers in the working environment , especially coworking and how we can see the value in them and adapt to get more work done collectively. 

Socialized Workplace

Offices are no longer cubicles to sit and make money, waiting to clock in and out. That is perhaps the first rule to understand if we’re trying to understand how Gen Z works. Gen Z wants the office to be more than just that, to be a more social place since we spend a major portion of our day there. 

Employee interactions, communication and team building are some things that are valued and preferred when it comes to Gen Z. enagating in face to face interactions, spending time outside of the cubicle and socializing with employees is a new tradition that Gen Z highly values. 

Co-working spaces allow employees to interact more and sit in more open spaces than just their cubicles. These are all things that Gen Z like very much. 

Moving Away From Traditional Office Practices 

In order to understand and work better with Gen Z, it’s critical to understand how they see the workplace. The traditional office with hundreds of cubicles and stacks of papers is just not how the current generation sees things. 

Co-working spaces are highly preferred by Gen Z due to their openness and inclusivity. 

Gen Z puts a lot of emphasis on having a workspace that is diverse, both racially and ethnically and also includes everyone in discussions and interactions. While older offices tend to focus more on hierarchies and chain of command Gen Z looks to minimize that as much as possible. 

This is to ensure that everyone feels like they’re on the same page and are equal. Co-working spaces are a great place to start because they allow everyone from any department to sit anywhere and interact with others. 

Use Of Latest Technology 

Gen Z and their utilization of the latest and greatest technology is no secret. Rather than investing in renting expensive office buildings or putting up cubicles, Gen Z tends to invest in the latest and most cutting edge technology. 

With this tech, they can not only have their entire teams up to date but also hire and interact with people in different areas of the world. Video convincing, high-speed internet and other tech tools are some things they value and co-working spaces are great at providing them. 

This is also another reason as to why Gen Z prefers co-working spaces. Learning how to use all the tech and stay updates might be a good idea if we’re looking to work and be more productive with the upcoming and future generation. 


Gen Z values and tilts towards flexibility in the workplace and this is another strong factor that is embedded in their working culture. 

With the introduction and wide availability of freelancing platforms and awareness, the ability to work for yourself has never been easier. While traditional offices enforce rules of checking in, checking out, attire etc. Gen Z is moving away from such restrictions. 

Co-working spaces have no such rules and that makes them the perfect places for Gen Z to set up their workstations and offices. With the availability of video calls and modern day technology, Gen Z are heavily influenced by working on their own schedule as they see fit. 

Final Thoughts 

With everything we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that Gen Z are moving away from the very typical office rules and traditional office settings. Their aims to be more flexible, social and easy going are factors that must be taken into consideration if we want to establish  a strong working relationship with them. 

Co-working spaces play a significant part in this journey because they offer everything Gen Z requires in their working life. Check out Iconic Workspaces for a flexible area to work in where you can have your own timings and have to follow no company’s attire. These are indeed the factors that we have to consider, to be more productive with Gen Z.