How To Make Break Time A Productivity Time

While you may not realize, break time can be extremely important in impacting your day and how you work. Not only is it crucial to take breaks in your daily working routine but what you do during the break and how you utilize it can end up affecting your overall productivity. 

It’s recommended by most workplaces to take a break every 70 to 90 minutes. Your break can last 15 - 20 minutes and that is enough to restore yourself. If you don’t your body starts to tire itself and concentration starts to fall. These are all signs that your body needs a breather. Here are some ways you can plan and spend your break that can actually impact your work and your overall productivity. 

Eat Mindfully 

In most workplaces, lunch time can go anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and that is enough time for most people to comfortably have lunch. 

Skipping lunch is something you should never do and eating healthy is also as important. Try to pick foods that are healthy, nutritious and refreshing. All these qualities will not only make you healthier but also contribute to a more productive day. Refrain from eating fast or eating in a rush because that is also not good for the body. 

Healthy foods have shown to affect mood in a positive way and make people happier. You should also avoid overeating or foods that are high in fats and sugar. Lastly, drink fluids! Water and other fluids are a great way of keeping yourself hydrated and refreshed throughout the day while you work. 

Help Yourself Energize

While not many people take this as seriously, it can be surprising as to how much an activity can change your day to be more productive and healthy. 

Taking a talk, a quick run or going to the gym are some examples of activities you can practice in your break time. Apart from that, simply stepping out in the fresh air or standing in sunlight can also be great activities for the mind and body. It’s important to remember that you’re giving your body and mind a rest from everything. 

If you don’t have a lot of activities available around you, simply looking at the sky or greens can be helpful as well. 

Get Up From Your Workstation

Sitting at your desk or your workplace for too long can prove to be harmful and that has been understood by most people for a while. While many people tend to have their lunch on the same desk, it's advisable to get up and walk around. 

While we’ve mentioned some activities such as going to the gym or stepping out, it’s okay if you can’t do those. All you can do is simply get up from your workstation and walk around in your office, step into your colleague’s office or even head to the office pantry to have a quick chat with someone. 

The possible dangers of staying at your desk for too long as only becoming apparent 

and we should do our best to walk around and take breaks. 

Connect With Employees 

While some people tend to keep to themselves, it can often become a problem in the long run. Connecting with your peers and colleagues can be a good way to take a break from work and having a conversation with them is a great way to exercise your brain. 

This is relatively easier in startups whereas it becomes harder in larger companies with various departments. However, even in such circumstances, we should try to engage and communicate with those that are working with us so not only can we give ourselves a break but also establish a better relationship with those people that we work with. 

You can start by having lunch with them, going on a quick run or engaging in some other activity. These are quick and simple ways to connect with your superiors, colleagues and employees. 

Manage Your Screen Time

This point has become more and more relevant in the past few years. From laptops to phones to even watches, our sceentimes has only increased. Shortening your screentime is a good way to give your eyes a break. This is especially important if you’re using a computer for your work most of the time. 


As we’ve seen, break times are often underrated and people don’t really understand the value of it and how it can bring productivity in our lives. From taking breaks to preventing burnout to utilizing the break can help boost protucviriy. Check out Iconic Workspacesfor a calm, and productive work environment that can push your productivity even further!