Home Office Doesn’t Mean Work At Home

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, working from home at first feels quite comfortable and flexible for many people and so it is. However, there is a point at which it may become uneasy because of distractions, isolation, and so on, hence becoming a bit depressing in some cases.  

Working from your home office entirely becomes quite challenging and can have an impact on your productivity and confidence. 

First of all, the endless amount of distractions in a home can easily fade away all the work you imagined in your mind. Not having someone by your side to ask a small suggestion or help in creating more ideas can also make you feel lonely and isolated. 

The right setup and environment like in an office are also essential for brainstorming. 

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a blessing for those wanting to have an office environment, with hot desks, necessary gadgets, a café, etc. without breaking the bank. Coworking spaces allow you to reserve a space in a large office on a monthly basis rent. This concept is becoming more and more popular for freelancers and small company employees. 

You also have the chance of interacting with more people easily and exchange new ideas and suggestions. in some coworking spaces, seminars and events are also being held which is also a great way to learn more and avoid loneliness.


Working at your nearby coffee shop can be the quickest way to avoid distractions and isolation. It also doesn't cost much except for buying some of your favorite food.  There is also a chance of interacting with new people. 

Moreover, wifi is easily available in almost every café. For people who feel don't like their bosses or managers having to look at them and ask about work progress all the time, working at a café can be a great solution.


If you are the kind of person who is always in search of new ideas and knowledge along with working, then your local library can turn out to be a great option for you to try working at. 

Libraries are very peaceful for work. You don’t also have to worry about tables, chairs, wifi as they all are available in most libraries. Moreover, you may also find a private room in a library for additional quietness that helps in brainstorming. The thing unique is that there is a wide range of books from where you can even find a book that is based on the work you are doing, giving you the chance of discovering more about your niche. 

If someone is feeling lonely or isolated, then this option doesn’t seem very good. Another thing to bear in mind is that the speed of wifi in many libraries is often quite slow (good for people who are attracted by games and social media during work though). 

Community Spaces

A community space is somewhere you can meet your friends or just sit and have some time doing your work.  Some community spaces are meant for casual meetings between friends or family and others are meant for doing work. These spaces are offered on monthly, weekly, and even daily basis rent. 

You can also create an office theme, like putting desks, computers, machines, and more. However, one drawback is that you cannot meet your coworkers or colleagues at offices created in a community space, which leaves many people in doubt about selecting this option. 

Final Thoughts

Working totally at home can become frustrating and impact your abilities to create and brainstorm negatively. Choosing one of the above places for work can have a better twist on your work life. 

The process of choosing mainly depends on your personality, for instance, if you are a person who is eager to meet new people, then cafés and coworking spaces can be the option for you or just have a go for the library if you prefer peace over endless chit chatting voices.

 In case you aren't able to fit in or feel comfortable even after trying every option in the above places, then perhaps working at public places such as parks, beaches, or having a small trip nearby cliffs or such place, can be the solution. 

Another tip is to divide your days spend in different places, for example, to spend one week at a café and the other week in a community space. You can do this until you find the right space where you feel most comfortable. Head down to Iconic Workspaces for more options!