The Role of Work/Life Balance in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The Role of Work/Life Balance in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Equilibrium is everything; every exaggeration in life has its downsides. These affirmations hold true especially nowadays, when we are so overworked. We seem to forget our life beyond the workplace. After all, we need to work to survive, and so, we need to do it as much as we can.

Nevertheless, this mentality is dangerous; it not only limits our life to a never-ending routine, but it can directly affect our productivity, health and quality of life in negative ways. We are best suited once we can achieve a healthy work/life balance, such as one as a digital nomad.

A digital nomad is a person who earns a living working online, but does not have a set place for it, rather, they work in various locations of their choosing.

Countless articles and internet blogs have been written about finding the perfect work/life balance, still, most of them, if not all, are focused on a lifestyle most of us are accustomed to, home to work and work to home, which is quite different from the one of a digital nomad.

For the digital nomad lifestyle, the concept of the work/life balance is just as important, of course, achieving said balance is much easier thanks to the great amount of freedom that comes from the job. Although, not everything is perfect, as this freedom can come at the cost of not getting enough work done.

Add in the factor that you may be travelling most of the time in a tropical paradise, it may be hard to remember what your true motives are. Nevertheless, it is still a dream job for many people.

It is important, therefore, for the digital nomad to remember that they are not, in fact, on vacation. Most of the time, the work/life balance of this type of job can be summed up in one phrase.

Travel Slow and Work Fast

It is the digital nomad strategy for finding the right work/life balance. It’s whole premise is to travel slowly as to enjoy and appreciate the place one might be in, while at the same time work as efficiently as possible as to maximize said enjoyment. It is all about finding balance between working and travelling.

In the digital nomad’s world, procrastinating your work means wasting more time in front of a computer trying to get it done, which most of the time ends up rushed, instead of being spent relaxing on a tropical beach, one of the various reasons why procrastinations is not a good thing in this lifestyle.  

If you are interested in this career choice or simply are curious in how a digital nomad can find a work/life balance, check out these tips!

Organization is Key

A digital nomad must have their priorities straight if they want to enjoy some of their trip instead of feeling overwhelmed by their work. That is why most of them have set times a day to do certain things, like waking up and starting work at a certain time.

Set Up Goals Throughout The Day

Dividing work through the day is a strategy even you can follow if you want, in this case try to set a goal before a specific time if the day, for example, a certain amount of work before lunch. 

To-Do: Create A To-Do List

A to-do list is a helpful way to navigate through the day without getting lost, that is why most people, including digital nomads, include them in their work life.

A Little Coffee Can Help

A drink of a cup of coffee can bring anyone’s energy up, and that includes digital nomads too. While most drink it to focus better and get some work done, it is always important not to overdo it. 

In Conclusion

Being a digital nomad can be tricky, you are able to explore beautiful places and enjoy them, but it might not last long if you enjoy it too much and forget your work, therefore, a digital nomad has to find the perfect balance between work and leisure. Not much different from our lifestyle, huh? If you’re a Digital Nomad in the Miami area and looking for a balanced place to work, check out Iconic Workspaces for a free tour today.