6 Things to Know BEFORE moving to Miami [2021 Guide]

6 Things to Know BEFORE moving to Miami [2021 Guide]

6 Things to Know BEFORE moving to Miami [2021 Guide]

Miami is famous for its beaches, warm weather and pool parties, where everybody has heard of the city at least once in their life. But since the reputation of the city as a vacation paradise is so well known, it is easy to forget that people actually live in the city and call it home, in fact, over 454,000 inhabitants do!

Although many go to Miami on their vacations, each year more people are coming from states like California, particularly San Francisco, and New York, attracted by the city’s life quality and business friendly practices. If you are one of those considering moving to Miami, check out this list of items to consider before moving in 2021.

  1. For a Big City, Living In Miami is Affordable

Most big cities have the infamy of being too unaffordable for middle and lower class households, which is not the case for Miami. Since people that earn average incomes can still manage to get food, houses and car rentals at low prices.

Apart from the more expensive areas of the city, where the cost of living is higher due to the higher number of well off folks living there, there are affordable places you should look into before moving to Miami.

  1. A Lot of People Speak Spanish

Miami, and Florida as whole, has a lingering Spanish influence, not only because their foundation by Spanish colonists, but because of the huge influx of Latin American’s, particularly Cubans, in the 20th century, where the city even has the nickname “Capital of Latin America”.

Although it is not mandatory to learn Spanish, knowing a few slang words will help you fit in with the locals who know the language. Not only that, it will help you in situations where you do not know what the subject of the conversation is, making the situation way less awkward.

  1. Most of The Time, Job Positions are Low Paying

Since services in the city are in high demand, do not expect to be paid really high wages, whether it is a part time job or a full time job. As the main reason being that most employers cannot afford to pay high wage levels, which leads to the main reason why living in the city is so affordable.

Most of the people in the city are aware of this; in fact, it is so common they even dubbed it as “the Miami lifestyle”. Knowing that, be prepared to possibly work more than two jobs when moving to Miami. It may be hard at first, but you will get used to that lifestyle in no time.

  1. Miami Has a Lot of Traffic

It’s the same problem with every big city, and Miami is no different. In this case it’s a little different from places like Boston or San Francisco. However, most of the time the traffic is caused by the amount of tourists wanting to explore the city and end up adding to the congestion.

Although not a pleasant situation, Miamians try to make it better by moving around with a cold beer, since being stuck in traffic amid the city heat can be frustrating. Keep that simple trick in mind when moving to Miami.

  1. It Has Fantastic Food

One thing Miami is known for, is delicious and hearty food, spread throughout the city’s numerous restaurants, while also being quite cheap too. 

When moving to Miami, you will surely be captivated by the different, affordable food options, but be careful not to spend all your money as it adds up quickly!

  1. A Lot of Businesses Open Late

If you are the type to eat breakfast late, Miami is the place for you. That being said, most businesses do have the preference of opening up late, and Miamians know this. That is why most have hardly ever cooked food at home, or have just developed the habit of eating late.

Some will say the reason for it is that Miamians are fond of partying late and end up waking up late; others will say it is just part of the city’s culture. Whatever the reason may be, be mindful of the fact when moving to Miami.

In Conclusion

Now you know some things about the city you may be planning to move! Keep in mind though; Miami is huge and full of things to explore, do not stay at just one place all the time, look around the city and discover what more things the city has to offer, you definitely will not regret it! 

If you’re looking for additional tips on relocating to Miami and need a place to work while you’re here, schedule your free tour with Iconic Workspaces today.