Organizing A Conference: 8 Efficiency Tips To Lead You To Success

Organizing A Conference: 8 Efficiency Tips To Lead You To Success

Conferences help us in networking, staying updated, learning from experienced icons, and gaining potential profits.

It needs to be understood that proper organizing of a conference means perfection in planning and execution in terms of speakers, venue, questions, resources, etc. Having a clear-cut view of what you want to achieve from this conference, will distinguish your event from all others.

Here is a basic guide for you to outline a strategy regarding at least a few important decisions.

Conference-Related Software 

This software is very much a part of an organization of important events because they lessen the amount of work you have to do manually. Plus they help the team collaborate effectively and eventually save a lot of money and chaos. Small issues tend to snowball into large problems while working on a project. 

Quality software will assist in the development of a program, registration of guests and speakers, making checklists of major and minor tasks, physical and virtual chats, multimedia activities, accommodation, catering, etc.

Finding Sponsors 

It becomes formidable to finance all aspects of a conference all by yourself. So other options usually are to find sponsors or try to organize fundraisers. In this regard, you have to keep in mind that the business values of potential sponsors must coordinate with the topic of your event. 

Try to contact people or companies that provide sponsorship to similar causes or events as yours. However, you must decide on whether the sponsors are allowed to bring their speakers or not, whether their company's logo and brand must appear everywhere throughout the event or whether there will be a few limits on these matters.

Reservation of Venue 

Reserving a venue can be a bit of a headache because of availability issues. Generally, there are three kinds of places that can be used as venues:

Co-working Spaces: Co-working spaces are the most popular and practical way of having an event. Most co-working spaces provide most of the facilities needed.

Hotels: They usually have purpose-built conference halls along with their own facilities of catering and accommodation. They provide the best packages but are the costliest option

3. Other Options: event halls, that provide different facilities for the organization of conferences, seminars, and events.

There are other considerations regarding the venues like size(squeezing in a small space will not be a good idea), and location ( a noisy area, full of distractions will not let the people focus on work).

Accommodation And Catering

If the venue has accommodation and catering facilities it will be better otherwise you will have to look for some nearby hotels. The location must be picked carefully so that people can easily travel to and from the venue. Moreover, for the smooth working of your event, you will need dependable team members. Whether it's a virtual conference or a hybrid one, team coordination can be crucial.

Proper planning 

Planning and having a proper budget always helps in holding a successful event. Just keep in mind some realistic expectations while planning and budgeting. After you plan according to your budget a proper itinerary will be needed like the setting of a theme, presentations, common meals, short workshops, networking among speakers and attendees, questions for speakers 


Perhaps the most important step in managing an event is that the stars of the event are the speakers. Here you will have to spend a lot to attract a high-class line-up as these stars will impress your attendees. There are a few points to remember in this regard

·      You have to negotiate their fee and perks

·      Specific multimedia equipment that they may need.

·      Special requirements like food preferences, accommodation, and conveyance requirements 

Promotion and marketing 

Do some marketing for your conference through all kinds of media possible such as online in the form of websites, blogs, and so on, offline in the form of pamphlets, social media, and different forums and you can also assign the speakers to play a role in promoting your event.

What about your competition?

You should make your event different, even better than others. You might have to pay a bit more for upper-level, talented people as well as spend more on high-class facilities like the latest technology, good multimedia, excellent catering and accommodations, interesting activities, well-meaning speeches 

Final Thoughts

After having a go through these efficiency tips, you must have been familiarized with planning to organize a conference the right way so that it’s effective and has a better impact on your business. 

In the end, you should always take your time in planning the events carefully along with calculating the budget spent on each event. Looking to organize a conference for yourself? Head down to Iconic Workspaces and check out what’s available!