How To Describe Your Company Culture?

How To Describe Your Company Culture?

Moving away from all the set and cliched definitions which describe a company culture lies the real meaning and understanding behind the concept itself. Company culture is not just a few keywords that are overused by the management but the concepts and ideation behind the company and its mission itself.


The company culture of the workplace is what the employees live with and consume throughout their working hours. The right way to describe it is by understanding the kind of unique relationships there are in the firm, the co-dependency between the team members in general, and the common interests which bring everyone in the company together.


From the moment you walk in the workplace till you speak to anyone representing the company, the culture reflects strongly. It is basically the personality of a firm and it’s an impression which is given out to anyone who does not belong to the company. 


Declaring and describing the culture will help the company itself understand the kind of employees that they are looking for, the rules they ethically follow while dealing with their clients, and most importantly when impactful decisions are being made in the favor of the company. 


The company culture is usually defined, described, and set by the person who leads the company and has been behind the concept of it. As they start the company with a specific keyword defining its culture, the vision of the firm is set from the beginning which helps anyone and everyone joining the firm understand the virtues which are vital to the essence of the company and its representation.


It also reflects in the goals, objectives, and targets that you set for the company and its employees. As the team strives towards achieving these set targets, their mindset and style of work eventually mold into the company culture even without any excessive training or practice to dive into it.

Example of Company Culture


An example of Apple Inc’s company culture is creative innovation. They strongly believe in the innovative and creative mindset of anyone associated with their company. They also have other characteristics which are associated with the company culture such as top-notch excellence, creativity, innovation, secrecy, and moderate combativeness. 


Here are a few keywords by which a company culture can be described in more detail:


  1. Inspiring  

Empowering the employees to think smarter, understand the company’s vision, and trust in their abilities leads to an inspiring culture practiced in the company. The inspiration always begins with a powerful person in the lead.


  1. Energetic

A culture that promotes and cheers for energetic individuals doesn’t stop moving forward. They wake up and choose to strive for success every single day. The environment is competitive and that’s what makes this culture interesting and addictive for anyone who decides to be a part of it. 


  1. Friendly

We as humans are social animals, to interact is to live! Hence, a friendly understanding between co-workers can be a strong reflection of a friendly company culture. It’s an environment filled with kindness and empathy towards the people they spend most of their time with within the workspace.


  1. Collaborative

When a collaborative culture is practiced in a company, it results in strong teams which function on brainstorming and problem-solving. A room full of passionate people leads to the most innovative ideas.


    5. Challenging


A challenging environment will push its employees to do better each day since the company believes in its potential enormously. It showcases the strong missions a company has which leads to a culture of growth amongst the employees.




Different companies believe in various other company cultures which keep their vision and missions alive. As time goes by and the mindset of each generation grows in a different direction, the importance of each kind of culture increases or decreases likewise. 


To motivate the employees and keep them involved in the interests of the company, an understanding, and implementation of their specific culture is essentially important. It can be a factor that keeps the employees going. Iconic workspaces ensure that each company stays connected to its culture which is why it is home to many firms. Visit Iconic Workspaces and make the assessment for yourself!