How to Find Commercial Office Space for Rent

How to Find Commercial Office Space for Rent

After putting all your effort into finally making your dream business plan come to life, there comes a point where you need a commercial office space that caters to all your business needs. It’s important to find the right office space since it plays a vital role in containing the image of your business.


Once you’ve come up with a hundred Pinterest boards of your dream office space comes a reality check. Who knew you would have to dive deep into real estate technicalities to find that dream office space. Well, it’s not hard but it’s definitely tedious.


The task becomes tougher once you realize that your ideal commercial office space should practically meet all the needs of your business and your employees. However, to make this quest easier all you have to do is come up with a clear and precise plan and do some quality research to help you understand how the real estate world works. Here are a few ways how you can find a commercial office space for rent:


  1. Understanding the Needs of Your Business


The commercial office space that you will be picking highly depends on the kind of business you’re running and the size of your firm at the time. If you’re a startup company and it’s your first time moving into a commercial office space, you might not need a huge space but it should be a place that aligns with your company culture. 


However, if you run a firm that already has a number of employees working for it, accommodating everyone is going to be one of the top priorities. 


2. Picking the Right Location


Location is not JUST the physical location of your office space itself but also anything and everything which is near your office space. Starting from public transportation around the area to the parking spots. The ease and comfort of all your employees will be affected by this factor. 


A quality workspace impacts the well-being and motivation of your employees. From the amenities of the building to the natural light which comes into the office, everything has an influence on the productivity of the employees.


3. Touring Commercial Office Spaces Available for Rent


After shortlisting the commercial office spaces which meet your need on paper comes the part where you personally have to tour the spaces. Along with viewing the official space itself you also have to understand each and every amenity different buildings offer to make the right call. A number of times the tenants are promised a lot more than what actually comes in the deal so in order to ensure the legitimacy of it, touring is important.


4. Taking Recommendations From Other Business Owners


Other owners who own similar office space in the local area can be a big help in finding your ideal commercial office space for rent since they might know options up for grabs. They are also aware of the pros and cons of being situated in that specific area. Their understanding of the local landlords would also help you make the right call. It can save you from dealing with a landlord who refuses to cooperate in most cases and is also quite hard to negotiate with. 


5. Understanding Leases of a Commercial Office Space


There are quite a few lease options you can pick from depending on the size of the business and how flexible you are with moving your office space often. Different leases will also impact your cash flows because in some leases your responsibility is just the rent and the expenses pertaining to the office space itself. However, there are other leases where you’re also subjected to various property taxes, insurance, and maintenance as well. 




There is no right or wrong way of finding the ideal commercial office space for rent. It all comes down to the needs of your business/employees and the rent you can pay to afford that office space. The company culture that you would like to maintain should also be taken into consideration since you have maintained that throughout the years and your office space should reflect a similar flair to it. 


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