What Is Office Hoteling? How Is It Similar To Hot Desking?

What Is Office Hoteling? How Is It Similar To Hot Desking?

Office hoteling is the process of reserving an office space for a specific period before actually going to the office. Office hoteling is just like reserving a hotel room or a restaurant dinner table before going to the restaurant, office hoteling applies a similar concept. A worker can book a workstation, a cubicle, or a conference room that is suited to their work needs of that day. Another similar concept to office hoteling is hot desking. Although being similar, office hoteling and hot-desking have a small difference.

What is Office Hoteling?

Hot desking is different from office hoteling. With hot desking, employees choose an available desk or working station when they arrive at the workplace. When an employee sees an unassigned desk or workstation, they are free to claim it and start their work. In the office hoteling, however, one has to check with the workspace's booking schedule before getting a spot. This applies to everyone to keep the workspaces in order and avoid instances of double booking.

Besides this small difference, office hoteling and hot desking have many similar characteristics and purposes. With the workplace changes brought by the pandemic, many offices have had to adjust their workspaces in line with social distancing guidelines. Companies have had to adopt a more flexible routine and provide office spaces on an as-needs basis.

With the looming threat of the pandemic, most people are now working from home. In big cities like Miami, office hoteling and hot desking have been adopted widely. Having a flexible workplace where all the companies' employees all have access to company resources in an organized shift has been a major successful practice applied; mainly by use of office hoteling and hot desking. Companies with a more controlled office space utilization mostly use office hoteling while those with a more casual work environment prefer to use hot desking.

Benefits Of Office Hoteling And Hot Desking 

With the Covid-19 pandemic posing a threat to everyone, ensuring social distancing while working seamlessly has been the most important objective of all companies. Adopting the concept of office hoteling and hot desking has been at the forefront of ensuring a balance between workers' safety and productivity at their workplaces.

A Flexible Post-pandemic Workplace

Companies have sought a more flexible work arrangement for their employees’ safety, to save money and, maintain if not improve employee satisfaction and productivity. With the use of a centralized booking system, companies can manage workspaces while still ensuring social distancing. Office hoteling has created better space utilization and management. The centralized booking system also helps companies adhere to COVID- 19 regulations as it keeps a record of every employee who booked a workstation and which station they used.

Better Management Of Office Space

Office hoteling helps to do away with unused office spaces or assign them for other use. Furthermore, companies can immensely cut on real estate costs of the office space hence saving a lot of money. Some employees mainly work from home and can visit the office once a week. Allocating a permanent office space to such employees can be a waste of resources thus office hoteling helps manage space and remove unused spaces while still operating seamlessly.

Better Access To Office Resources For All Workers

With employees rushing to meet their deadlines, office equipment may be fought over sometimes. Office hoteling ensures equal and fair usage of office resources by appropriate allocation. Every employee can adequately use desks, equipment, and supplies when they need them. A harmonious work environment makes the workplace run smoothly like a well-oiled engine.

Improved Collaboration, Teamwork, And Networking

Office hoteling and hot desking allocated workers to different work stations every day. This improves teamwork and collaboration among employees. With the freedom of interacting with other employees comes creativity and greater work experience for everyone. The rotation of workspaces also ensures employees enjoy the vast office space for a great work experience.


Office hoteling and hot desking is fast-rising as professional office management that provides shared workspaces in a flexible, safe, mobile, productive, and efficient way. With most employees spending most of their working hours working from home or other remote locations, there has been a rising need for redesigning office spaces and remote workplaces. Office hoteling has brought the freedom of working with flexibility while still having access to all the resources one needs to work.

 More companies are now adopting office hoteling as a hybrid workplace strategy to create a balance between working remotely and working at the office. A hybrid workplace strategy is the best way of ensuring safety, efficiency, and productivity, especially with the current pandemic.

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