Miami Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

Miami Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

As a long-time member of Miami's thriving startup community, we’re constantly inspired by the innovative local companies launching and scaling in the region.

Below we’ve highlighted 5 up-and-coming tech startups on the rise in Magic City. These founders are leveraging surrounding support systems like Iconic Workspaces to strategically build and fund their ventures with global potential. Read on for key Miami tech startups to watch entering 2024 across fintech, blockchain, health tech and more.


Miami Tech Startup #1: PayFlo

Few activities feel more satisfying than getting paid for hard work. Yet the founders behind PayFlo realized many today still painfully wait 30-90 days for overdue client payments to clear.

No one should have to repeatedly chase money they’re owed or have key business functions stalled waiting for checks to deposit.

That’s why the aptly-named PayFlo designed an intuitive, user-friendly application allowing contractors, consultants, agencies and service providers to conveniently create, customize and send professional digital invoices to clients worldwide.

They also integrate practical payment processing capabilities with options for fast peer-to-peer transfers, credit cards, international currency conversion and more. Customers receive automated reminders when payments are due so they arrive on time, every time.

We love how PayFlo empowers solopreneurs and teams to confidently manage cash flow while delivering 5-star client service. Expect their seamless payables platform to take off through 2024 and beyond!


Miami Tech Startup #2: Relevate Health

Did you know over $300 billion is spent unnecessarily on administrative healthcare costs annually? It’s unfortunate as these funds could otherwise improve patient outcomes through enhanced treatment and diagnostic tools.

That stark industry reality inspired the founding team at Relevate Health to develop a blockchain-based healthcare solution fostering radical transparency along supply and delivery chains via decentralized, encrypted data streams.

Their robust medical inventory and analytics dashboard simplifies tracking assets across facilities while tap-to-verify functionality confirms authenticity of supplies on-demand using QR codes. This helps healthcare organizations better prevent counterfeits and theft while improving real-time visibility for once opaque operational areas.

Backed by leading Miami venture funds, keep Relevate Health on your radar as they scale and expand across Florida and the U.S.!


Miami Tech Startup #3: Bloom Biome

Scientists universally agree the microbiome - essentially the body’s community of bacteria living on skin and other areas - significantly influences many aspects of human health. However research on microbiota is complex and often only examines single variable changes.

The visionary team at Bloom Biome aims to revolutionize this field by leveraging AI and machine learning to study biometric data and microbiome interactions holistically. Their goal? Precisely forecast how lifestyle adjustments to diet, medications and environmental factors may alter critical gut bacteria populations, skin microbiome and other core areas.

This startup essentially provides the missing link helping people understand interrelated component effects when trying to improve health goals. With renowned advisors and partnerships with top medical centers, don’t be surprised when Bloom Biome becomes a household name!


Miami Tech Startup #4: JetSafe

Private business air travel allows executives to be more productive and strike deals faster by cutting travel times. Yet the founder of JetSafe realized many small planes still relied on outdated flight operation systems prone to human error and inefficiencies.

That’s why this Miami-based aerospace startup aims to modernize private aviation through intuitive flight planning apps, patented geo-tracking innovations and an on-demand certified remote pilot network assisting clients 24/7.

Demand for private jet services continues accelerating globally. With recent high-profile partnerships, including with Iconic Workspaces at Miami International Airport, JetSafe seems poised to transform business air travel operations through vetted technology.


Miami Tech Startup #5: CreativeJuice

Lastly, as a big supporter of developers and creators myself, I’m especially excited about CreativeJuice and their no-code platform allowing anyone to build websites, mobile apps and chatbots with drag-and-drop simplicity.

While small agencies spend thousands on developers and cumbersome software to construct digital assets, CreativeJuice's online toolbox enables intuitive design and efficient launches without technical skills needed.

Their subscription-based SaaS product also easily integrates analytics, SEO optimization, security protections and eCommerce functionality so you can manage and monetize beautiful sites with little ongoing lift.

With a brilliant founding team out of University of Miami and early-stage funding secured, we foresee CreativeJuice soon becoming a preferred web/app builder globally - especially amongst solopreneurs, bootstrapped startups and hybrid physical/digital small businesses wanting to DIY elegant online presences affordably.


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