The Power of Holiday Vacations in Employee Wellness

The Power of Holiday Vacations in Employee Wellness

According to the American Institute of Stress, 75% of the employees have more stress than a generation ago. Many employees silently suffer from extreme anxiety and depression due to the heavy load of work and stress upon them. Due to this stress, their productivity levels drop drastically as well. However, taking a vacation can help de-stressing significantly.


Nowadays, employers have come to realize the role of holiday vacations in employee wellness levels. They have also acknowledged how vacation from work affects employees' health. The importance of taking a vacation has grown over the years, therefore the value of vacation time to employees has also increased.


Here are a few reasons why holidays are important for employee wellness:


1. Better Mental Health


One of the most important factors of an employee’s wellness is their good mental health. When employees feel overworked and eventually head towards a burnout phase, their mental health drops affecting them not only physically but also decreasing their motivation to work. This chain of impact leads to many adverse consequences.


In order to protect an employee’s mental health, their time away from work should be given high importance. The best way for them to de-stress is by changing their environment and taking a vacation. This can lead to a release of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins which promote a positive thought process and leads to added happiness.


2. Higher Quality of Work


Holidays are important for an employee’s mental and physical wellness which eventually leads to a higher quality of work. When employees are not working under constant mental stress and pressure, it is highly likely for them to produce better quality work for the firm.


It is said that an employee’s improved wellness is directly proportional to the quality of work they produce. Better stress management leads to a drastic decrease in the chances of errors occurring frequently. Burnouts are less likely to take place as well along with increased motivation to work efficiently and effectively.


3. Improved Company Loyalty


When employees’ wellness is given the right amount of importance, they tend to respect the company which leads to improved company loyalty. Many employers and managers believe that allowing more leaves and vacations leads to decreased productivity, however, it's quite the opposite. Employees return back with a more fresh and creative approach. This also leads to an increased employee retention percentage.


Employees are more likely to stick to a job that gives their physical and mental wellness more importance. Another way how employers can implement this policy is by offering an employee more time off if they manage to deliver remarkable work. This method of appreciation will indeed lead to added respect for the company and improve loyalty.


4. Improves their Delegation Skills


When an employee is away for a vacation, most of their tasks are delegated to other members of the team or other employees. They are mostly responsible for delegating their tasks before they leave for their vacation. This delegation practice helps the employee become more efficient in delegating tasks confidently and makes them a better team player.


Many managers often complain that the team’s efficiency drops when they work together due to the lack of delegation skills. However, when an employee is set to leave for a vacation, they have to delegate each task with full responsibility. Therefore, vacations can be a great way to improve their delegation skills along with taking care of their wellness.


5. Encourages Work-Life Balance


When employees are encouraged to take breaks for themselves and are given the opportunity to take frequent vacations, it not only improves their overall wellness but also gives them a sense of boundary between their work and personal life. This balance is called work-life balance.


Many companies promise their employees a strong work-life balance but fail to deliver it due to the heavy workload and poor method of delegation. However, giving employees their well-deserved vacation is a practical way of helping them achieve an ideal work-life balance




There are indeed numerous reasons which highlight the power of holiday vacations in employee wellness. Understanding and catering to your employee’s needs not only leads to better productivity but also helps them build a better relationship with the company. To provide your employees a comfortable working space, check out Iconic Workplaces.