Top 5 Benefits of In-Person Meetings And How To Still Have Them

Top 5 Benefits of In-Person Meetings And How To Still Have Them

While the world had switched to being virtual, meetings were being conducted via many online platforms, however as the threat of COVID-19 gradually dies out, it’s important to realize some things were better in pre-pandemic times. The benefits of in-person meetings still weigh a lot more than virtual meetings.


To ensure that in-person meetings are conducted safely, social distancing regulations have been introduced since the beginning of the pandemic and they have been effective in breaking the chain of the virus and keeping the surge under control. These measures help bring back in-person meetings in the safest way possible. Reasons face to face meetings are important will be discussed in more detail. To understand in person vs. virtual meetings better, let's discuss the top 5 benefits of in-person meetings:


  1. Stronger Relationships

It is physiologically proven that humans tend to build better relationships and bonds when they can see each other in-person while conversing. A number of times it also leads to in-formal or casual conversations which can then lead to understanding fellow partners or colleagues better in order to work alongside them comfortably. A better bond between people working for a similar objective is always a healthy sign and results in higher productivity and impacting the business positively. Meeting clients in person also has a higher chance of ensuring that they are satisfied with the work which is being delivered to them or also while landing a new client.


  1. More Productive Meetings

Due to decreased interruptions which are caused by the havoc the internet can create sometimes, a lot more time is saved leading to much more productive discussion sessions. All of us are aware of how an online meeting begins, especially when a member or two is suffering from a bad internet connection. Some participants are also reluctant to speak their mind during an online meeting due  to the lack of fluency during virtual meetings. A lot more technical issues can also arise while conducting online meetings resulting in decreased productivity and a clear objective by the commencement of the meeting.


  1. Easier Communication

Communication flows much more easily and naturally during in-person meetings as compared to virtual meetings. It’s quite simple to understand the expressions and body language of a person as they speak which makes it less complicated for other participants to understand what they truly wanted to convey during the time of speaking. Virtual anxiety can also result in poor communication or being unable to convey a significantly important message resulting in miscommunication in different scenarios.


  1. Less Distractions 

Most participants tend to be less distracted when all of them are in a single room discussing the same topic without any hesitation or technical problems being caused. Participants are also not affected by various things which might be happening in the background as they might happen in a virtual meeting being conducted from home. Many have complained how their domestic life and professional life had a blurred line due to the distractions affecting both parts of their life enormously. However, when being away from these domestic distractions the outcomes of the meeting are expected to be better in terms of quality. 


  1. Increased Participation 

Many introverts are also a part of the work force which is why it is important for the speaking parties to keep the meeting engaging for all participants present. But in a virtual setting, it is difficult for the speaker to ensure that everyone is participating with the same enthusiasm and energy as expected. On the contrary, due to expressions and body language, it can be easily understood in a face to face meeting as and when the participation and interest is being decreased. Therefore, participation and engagement of the members present can be corroborated from time to time. 




These top 5 benefits highlight how important human interaction and bonding is for the functionality of any business. Humans tend to work better in-person resulting in increased productivity and good communication. To conduct these in-person meetings successfully, a co-working space with the right amount of privacy can be the perfect fit for your business. Check out Iconic Workspaces and you’ll know why it can be the best choice for your company.