Top 7 Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

Top 7 Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you someone who does this?

Right before bed: “I'm going to wake up early, workout, gulp a glass of celery juice and seize the day!”

At 1 pm the next day: “Sheesh, I missed it, I will try again tomorrow.”

Then this is your cue to set up your morning routines to fuel your dream.

Your morning time is the most productive time of the day, says the “Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran. What differentiates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of us are the habits they inculcate persistently to foster their mind, body, and soul.

Here are the seven traits that top the list in every entrepreneur's morning routines.

Keep in mind, I am not telling you to follow what they did but to use them to influence and craft your own.

To Feed Your Grey Matter

1) Stack Your Knowledge From Print Copy Like Warren Buffet

Nothing beats the knowledge you feed your brain, and the best way to do so is to stick with the old-school way of learning from books. Whether it is Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Mark Cuban - all successful businessmen are voracious readers! 

Warren spends approximately 80 percent of his waking hours reading books. Well, that's not going to be easy for most of us here. However, you can start setting milestones to finish one book at a time and allocate a fixed amount of time in your morning routine for reading a book. 

2) Take a Hint From Other Successful Entrepreneurs

Besides reading books, listening to podcasts is also a fantastic way to stay motivated and enlightened. It keeps you abreast of any new business developments and strategies that have worked or failed for other business owners in your sector. 

You may maximize your productivity by listening to a podcast while taking a shower or walking your pets.

To Fuel Your Body

3) Unleash The Athlete In You

You don't have to get all jacked up or hit the weights hard to become successful. But being fit as a fiddle is one habit that every entrepreneur swears by for their success. 

Exercise is the first thing Mark Zuckerberg does when he wakes up. To be more successful, you may follow a solid regimen like Jack Dorsey or vary it up now and then with a spin class, weighted jump rope, or a Bootcamp on the weekends.

4) Don’t Bring Junk To The Table. Avoid Fad Diets

Your goal is to build up your morning rituals slowly and gradually for a more strategic outcome. Do not be deceived by fad diets that could work in the short term. Moreover, it can lead to a variety of distractions that might ruin a good day at work.

Eating a nutritious breakfast not only keeps you healthy but also avoids distractions like stress, fatigue, and any illness during the day.

Martha Helen Stewart starts her day with green juice and includes fresh and organic vegetables in her diet. Victoria Beckham loves to jumpstart her alkaline levels with a glass of warm water and a splash of lemon.

To Nourish Your Soul

5) Activate Your Zen Mode Like Oprah And Tony Robbins

The top priority of these two entrepreneurs is to declutter their thoughts and practice gratitude through meditation. 

They start with quick successive breaths and gently progress to slow breathing and connect with their body and mind. They always end their meditation by expressing gratitude towards what they had, have, and will have in their life.

6) Manifest Like Conor McGregor

Whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction has its fair share of affirmation from top successful businessmen and women. Visualize and voice your dreams till they become actual. That's what Conor does to make them come true. 

 Focus on the feelings you will experience upon the success of your goals.

To Keep You On The Right Track

7) Plan And Prioritise Your To-Do List For The Day

How you plan your day in the morning can have an incredible impact on the rest of your day. It helps you to keep the focus on what brings you growth and profit for your business. 

Keep it minimal. Although there can be a hundred things for you to do, prioritize the topmost tasks and set realistic goals for the day. If you don't, there is always a way to lose track.


There is one thing that successful entrepreneurs share is that they all have a morning ritual that perfectly fits their lifestyle and work. Morning routines are a personal choice, but once you hone in on what makes sense for your lifestyle and what doesn't, then it's a lot easier to bring results. 

No matter where you are or what your day entails, refuse to miss your routines. Be mindful. Be consistent.

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