The Importance of Maintaining a Separate Physical Office Space to Work

The Importance of Maintaining a Separate Physical Office Space to Work


With the pandemic, we had the need to stay at home while still trying to find a space to work. We believed that offices could be unnecessary for their physical state and ignore our social needs. But we were wrong! We still need the physical need for office space, more than ever.

In fact, remote work gives the impression that we are constantly available at any time of the day. The days pass, and we stay at home. We have already lost the ability to disconnect from work causing physical exhaustion and stress. In addition, we also adapt tables and chairs together with the family and temporal internet connections that are not appropriate for the job.

But in a physical office, separated from our homes, it makes sense and there is a perception of separation between work and home life. In a very simple way, it is the space where you can have your time and disconnect to rest and return the next day.


Maintaining A Feeling of Community and Avoid Isolation


Working from home is a privilege  to some people but we know that it has problems. We are more alone,  and this is a very routine complaint where the feeling of community and the social aspect of working with colleagues is lost, isolation.

That is why we need to have coworking, offices and even studios where we can have face-to-face interactions with the people. 

Sharing the space with your team ensures that you have mutual knowledge and take the doubts out of each situation. And the offices serve much more than a chair and a table to negotiate: there is empathy, creativity and a lot of innovation.


Agile Work Model vs Renting an Office Near Your Home


We believe that the future of the office will not end with the Pandemic, companies are creating new strategies to have a meeting point. There will be two worlds: an agile work model that is working from home with necessary equipment, or a flexible office near a city or near company’s headquarters.


The office's role will change to more collaborative, that is, discussing new ideas, closing a business and solving problems. In addition, associated with technology, it will make work more attractive, innovative and creative.


Office Space Combined With Flexible Remote Working


Office space isn’t  only a product but a space as a service. The need for evolution was influenced by customer service, flexibility and appreciation that the space in which we work, it is better productivity for its employees.


Currently, flexible offices are designed to create value through their biophilic design to rest areas, cafeteria that can be used by companies as a strategic device to cause well-being, transparency and happiness to employees.


Active Design is a strategy that promotes movement with architecture and space design. From the beginning, it is strategically designed with its furniture with its own ergonomic tables and chairs, its green space, its hallways.


The decor is relaxed and the architecture works that encourages collaboration, creativity and happiness in the corporate environment, giving you the freedom to create your own routine.


In uncertain times with Covid, the benefit of “flexibility” is paramount.

Iconic Workspaces has been analyzing the case by case of several companies offering innovative proposals. 


4 Expected Benefits of Renting a Separate Coworking Space


1. Reduction In Costs

In a traditional office keep means high cost for a structure that is not always used. Maintenance expenses are important and to hiring people for administrative, cleaning and security services. Coworking you can enjoy all the benefits of a complete office according to your business.


2. Adequate and Regulated Business Space

You will have a regular business and tax address. In addition to the well-structured space to serve customers, hold meetings and other activities.


3. Comfort and Safety

As mentioned, active design and intelligent architecture and ergonomics, are very important for your preservation of physical and mental health. The spaces are air-conditioned (and now with all the security of cleaning the air conditioning and a more intense cleaning), so that the client is calm to exercise his work.


4. Increased Productivity, Networking and Creativity!

As we offer an alternative to shared or private spaces, virtual offices and conference rooms for your events, productivity is ok. People feel good in an environment and more engaged because they live with several entrepreneurs, having the opportunity to expand their networking and favoring their creativity. If you choose an isolated room, convenience spaces will be available to transform your breaks into moments of socialization.


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