How to hire your first employees

How to hire your first employees

First time entrepreneurs may have a hard time hiring their first employees. There are several reasons for that: lack of experience on recruiting, not knowing what to look for in a candidate or even finding it hard to compete with market’s high salaries and benefits. So, how to hire for small business – especially if you are just starting?

If it is time to share your tasks and have some extra hands on the job, there are some tips that can help you. Follow us as we share our ideas.

Define your needs

First things first: you need to know what to look for before publishing a job opening. This is the best time for you to define your ideal company structure. You should identify the key roles for now and for the future and check who do you need first. For example: someone to deal with product sales, someone to deal with the product development, a marketing specialist to create your campaigns or a professional to organize your projects. Of course, when your company grow, you can hire more people below these first titles.

After deciding on a structure, analyze your current needs – at this moment, what do you need help with? Then start with these needs and create a job title and description to publish on recruiting websites.

Why should people join you?  

Hiring employees is also about selling your business: you must convince professionals to join you, even if your company is still on its early stages. Remember: if people don’t know your business yet, they have to believe on you and your project to buy the idea of working there.

So when describing the job or when interviewing compatible candidates, make sure to promote your project. Tell about your products or services, revenue status, clients and show excitement about it.

How to find good employees  

Getting resumes to your inbox is not the hardest part. For that, you can just pick some of the most used job search website such as Indeed or Linkedin, create and account and publish your vacancy.

After getting candidates to apply, it is time for the magic: you get the chance to choose the best professionals to work with. Take a look to the resumes and set up interviews with the candidates you think would be a good fit based on their skills. But make sure to consider their soft skills, confidence and energy, too – sometimes past experiences and university degrees don’t matter as much as fitting the company’s culture fit.

Also, after you find your first employees that you really like, you can ask them to refer others to the team. It is likely that you will get referrals from professionals that are like your employees and they will be excited to join the team if their friends put a good word about your company.


Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to build a strong team to boost your business. Just remember to always analyze and take your time to decide for an employee, since generally it is not good idea to hire out of desperation.