How to get the most out of your coworking experience: 7 tips

How to get the most out of your coworking experience: 7 tips

Whether you own a business, work for a larger company or work as a freelancer or independent professional, working from a coworking space can offer you several benefits. Not only you can have a place to perform your professional activities, but you also get a community, networking possibilities, events and a proper space to meet your clients whenever necessary. You just have to take advantage of these opportunities – so today we will show you 7 tips to get the most of your coworking experience:

Attend Networking Events

Coworking spaces usually host many events during the year, which are great benefits for their members. Coworking events are good for networking, where you can get to know you desk colleagues better. And, of course, events are great opportunities to learn new skills or try new experiences. Coworking spaces may offer not only lectures or talks: sometimes you get to attend to yoga classes or food tasting events.

Keep Your Productivity

Working from a coworking space is not that different than working from a regular office. So, to avoid little distractions and keep your productivity, would be a good idea to make use of task lists, headphones with a nice playlist that can help you to concentrate and stay away from social media.

Get the Right Equipment

When you decide to work from a coworking space, the basic furniture and equipment are already covered: you don’t have to worry about having a good and ergonomic desk or wi-fi connection. But remember that you have to bring whatever you need with you – like a reliable laptop, extra cables to charge your phone or noise-cancelling headphones for some extra focus.

Take Advantage of Meeting Rooms

What happens if you need to meet clients at your office? For sure you won’t want to bring them to your shared desk for long conversations. Most of coworking spaces have a solution for this situation: meeting rooms. You can take advantage of these spaces whenever you need some privacy – but don’t forget to book one as soon as you find out that you need one, so you can guarantee it will be available.

Get out of your office

Take a break! We know you enjoy working in a coworking environment, but pauses are necessary to keep your productivity going – and are great for your mental health, too. Go take a walk, grab a coffee or just breath outside for a few minutes and it will surely help your work.

Create a routine

A lot of professionals that work out of coworking spaces have flexibility to arrange their own working hours accordingly to their lifestyle. Flexibility is great – but some routine can reduce stress and also improve productivity. Routine does not mean that you should wake up early and get things done from 9 to 5: you can build habits according to your lifestyle and get a personalized that works for you.

Be Respectful

As a coworking member, you will be always surrendered by other professionals. Remember that, in the same way that you don’t like to be disturbed, they wouldn’t like as well. So keep your space clean, don’t speak too loud and whenever possible, take your phone calls out of the office.

Coworking spaces are great for flexibility, productivity and networking. With countless benefits, you surely can take the most of your coworking experience with our tips.