Useful tips to increase your productivity in a coworking space

Useful tips to increase your productivity in a coworking space

The coworking is a space where many people go everyday, bringing different information and opening networking opportunities. The exchange of knowledge, ideas and creativity in this work environment is attractive to many open-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. However, being around other vibrant and energetic people can have an impact in day-to-day for those who get easily distracted. If you suffer with constant disruptions but still want to enjoy all the benefits of the coworking space, there are some simple and effective attitudes that can be taken in order to achieve an optimal productivity.

Below you will find some tips to improve your productivity in a coworking space:

1) Make a task list and define the runtime

This action works very well for time management and control of your productivity. Write down the tasks for the day, tick them off as you complete them and do not go home without finishing at least the most important ones. Smartphones apps, browsers extensions, softwares and even your email service can help with the task list. Remember that self-discipline is the key. By following it you will create a healthy and productive work habit.

2) Escape from little distractions

You can boost your productivity by stepping away from potential internet distractions. Forget social media during work time. Looking at your Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebookfor a while throughout the day consumes precious minutes that can affect the schedule. So try to use them just in lunchtime and you will notice a great increase in your productivity.

3) Use headphones

A very busy space has many noises that can also disturb some people. For this kind of situation, a good option to help you concentrate is the use of headphones. By isolating the sound from the workspace, the distraction will decrease significantly. At a coworking space, people are constantly talking to each other, either with other coworkers or on the phone. Therefore, the headphones are highly recommended for those who have some difficult to stay focused in this kind of environment.

4) Find a good place to focus

Although it is a vibrant environment with different professionals sharing ideas and knowledge in common areas, the coworking space also offers private rooms for those who wish to have their own space. Thus, you can count on private offices for the occasions that require full concentration to work or even receive customers.

5) Take short breaks

It may seem contradictory, but taking short breaks at work is also very important to maintain the concentration. The brain needs to ‘reset’ every once in awhile. A short coffee break, for example, helps to relieve the tension and might even inspire new ideas for the project.

6) Keep your workspace tidy and clean

There is nothing more demotivating than having to work in an untidy space with a bunch of papers and leftovers. For being a place where people spend most of the day, the work table must be organized and an inspiration for the professional. An untidy table is synonymous of waste of time, because it can impact the productivity and cause stress. So a professional that maintain everything in order at his table saves time, performs a better work and ensures a great business image.

7)  Use the technology available

There are several apps and websites around the internet designed to make our life easier. Tools like calendars, to do lists, documents and data storage in cloud are available and can help you to automate tasks in order to save time and improve your productivity in a coworking space.

8) Take care of yourself

It is easy to become a workaholic in such a creative and comfortable environment and start to leave your personal health behind. The lack of sleep and physical exercises will affect your productivity and creativity. Keep in mind that achieving the productivity in a coworking space does not mean to work constantly, but create a balance between professional and personal life.

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