Art Basel 2018 Miami is coming!

Art Basel 2018 Miami is coming!

The month of December is a very pleasant time to be in Miami - Florida. There are a lot of top line events happening around the city: art and music festivals, boating events, food fairs, among others.

It is no wonder that Miami is chosen to host such unique events. The city is one of the most important financial and commerce centers in the United States. Miami has several economic sectors acting strongly in the region - including large headquarters of multinationals. Besides that, Miami is a significant hub for reserach institutes, medical centers and biotechlogy industries.

When it comes to tourism, the city receives millions of visitors every year. The expressive number is due to the strategic location between Latin and North America, warm climate all year round, variety of attractions developed over the past years and beautiful beaches. All that makes Miami a reference in entertainment, shopping, gastronomy, art and culture.

Between the most anticipated events in Miami is the Art Basel 2018, one of the premiere events in the world art scene. In addition to Miami, this huge event takes place in Hong Kong (China) and Basel (Switzerland) every year.

The Art Basel Miami is a new kind of cultural event that combines art exhibition with an intense cultural activities program, exhibitions, parties and multidisciplinary events of music, photography, movies, architecture and design. It is a great opportunity for people to connect with collectors, galleries and artists, as also to support the role galleries play in encourage the careers of artists.

In the previous edition, over 200 of major international galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art exhibited works from 4.000 artists, including paintings, sculptures, photography, movies, videos and digital art. More than 77.000 visitors could find work art from Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia ranging from edited pieces by young artists to masterpieces.

Check below the schedule of Art Basel Miami 2018:

Miami Art Basel - Events in Miami

- Date: from December 6 through December 9 - 2018

- Where: Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive - Miami Beach, FL 33139

- For more information, check the official website

The Art Basel Miami is certainly one of the most prominent events in the United States. However, beyond Art Basel, there are many other events and satellite exhibitions around it that enjoy the busy and cultural calendar of Miami at the end of the year. Therefore, if you appreciate arts, design and networking, this is definitely the time to be here in Miami!

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