10 professions that can have success in a shared workspace

10 professions that can have success in a shared workspace

When it comes to coworking space, some liberal professionals might think that this kind of place is not suitable for them. But is that true? The fact is: shared workspaces can really contribute for the success of both companies and liberal professionals. With the sharing of knowledge, culture and projects, professionals can experience one of the main trends of our society: the contribution.

The professionals who appreciate freedom and flexibility can enjoy a communal space to work. Some professions in particular have been benefited by this new trend of work. Here are some examples:

Real Estate Associates and Brokers

With the flexibility to change plans as their needs change, this concept is perfect for real estate professionals. Spending most of the time visiting and showing properties, this solution allow them to have an office up and running efficiently by staff that can attend their calls and visitors while they are out of the office. The meeting rooms are perfect for closings with notary service at their disposal

Civil engineer

The professional is responsible for following and supervising residential and commercial constructions. If he does his activities in this type of space he will be able to expand the networking and create a custom service to clients.


Coach professionals are on the rise in the market. They help clients to acquire a strategic vision so that they can improve their performance and achieve professional and personal goals. Often, coaches use virtual offices to serve clients in a certain city, or to conduct trainings by using suitable rooms.


Whether the architect is a liberal professional or a business owner, he always seeks mobility in his day to day. Visiting constructions in progress or meeting customers in different locations are common in his routine. Therefore, the use of virtual or private executive offices is very suitable in this kind of work.


With a professional receptionist to receive their clients, answer their calls and provide admin support, this concept is perfect for lawyers who will be interacting with other professionals to offer or expand their services.

Psychologists and nutritionists

Healthcare professionals can also get benefits by using the virtual office to set up their business. Imagine all the opportunities for these professionals when they seek patients in different regions. If a professional lives in the countryside, for example, once a week they can attend at a Virtual Office in Miami downtown.

At NEXT Workspaces, these psychologists and nutritionists can get personalized phone answering and appointment scheduling, so that they can be focused on their attendances without the need of hiring a secretary to answer calls and set the dates.


Thanks to the internet, it is getting more and more rare the journalist’s presence in newsroom. As a result, many professionals choose working as a freelancer or being a press officer for clients.

The flexible space is an excellent option for communication professionals to hold meetings or even to create their lines and reports. Besides, it is an opportunity to acquire new clients or partners due to the presence of many professionals from different areas in a coworking space.


In many cases, consultants work at the companies where they provide their services. Thanks to its flexibility, these professionals does not need to have their own physical space. A flexible space with meeting rooms and privileged location is enough for consultants to do their work.


It is common to arise companies, startups and small business at a coworking space, and they need the support from an accounting professional. Working in this environment means being close to business partners and doing customer prospecting all the time!

Marketing professionals

They might be the professionals who obtain more advantages in a coworking space - even more than the accountants. Designers, writers, social media analysts, SEO analysts, media analysts, programmers and all those who are part of this area can connect in one place. The coworking space allows the sharing of experience and facilitates the meetings, customer service, among others activities of a digital marketing agency.

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