Does a virtual office suits your company?

Does a virtual office suits your company?

Changing the headquarter to a virtual office could be a smart decision for entrepreneurs who need to save on monthly overhead expenses, such as rent and office equipment, as well as obtain competitive advantage. Despite this, some people still have doubts whether this model suits their company.

The main question is to know if the virtual office is suitable for any type of business. The answer is yes - even if the trend shows that it is more indicated to service providers. Among the liberal professionals such as lawyers and psychologists, the use of virtual office is already a reality, but even retail or industry companies can take advantage of this workspace. Check out some examples:

Employee selection

Companies from all sectors can hire a virtual office as a place to make employee selection. Sometimes, directors prefer to do it outside because of the lack of space or to keep the process confidential.

Opening of new branches

There are also companies from other cities that prepare the opening of new branches having the virtual office as a temporary base of operations during the deployment stage. The place is used to receive resumés and conduct interviews of new employees. The virtual office can also be used as a meeting room to serve potential customers and suppliers.

Besides, it helps companies that need to promote different types of events, such as planning meetings, sales team meetings, press interviews, employee training and presentations for customers. The virtual office also offers tools to make online conferences with branches or representatives, for example.

Virtual office for companies - Miami

Time to review costs and processes

At this time, you need to forget what your client will think about the decision to change the headquarter. As a matter of fact, you should take into account the business moment and market perspectives for the next months. Therefore, the virtual office option is for companies that are interested in reducing their costs and increasing their profitability. You can enjoy a variety of amenities with affordable pricings, and it will help you to invest even more in your business.

The same goes for companies with few employees. There are many companies that start the business in their own offices - and so they spend a lot of money with the rental. If your team just need an appropriate space to develop their work, why not try moving to a workspace fully equipped and with affordable prices like NEXT?

Virtual office downtown Miami - Next

We offer different plans for renting a Virtual Office in Miami downtown. With a privileged location, our workspaces are within minutes from Brickell, Midtown, Wynwood, Miami Beach as well as the Miami International Airport.

Besides having access to workrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you can get mail and packages reception service, dedicated local phone number, personalized phone answering, dedicated voice mailbox and bilingual receptionist. During your stay at NEXT Workspaces, you can enjoy our networking events, notary services, hi-speed internet, copying and printing services, gourmet coffee and refreshments, among others. The process to join us is quick and easy so that you can start working from day one in Miami downtown!

Therefore, virtual offices are suitable for companies focused on results. The headquarter’s change can provide a dynamic, agile and inspiring environment. And certainly it will help you to reach exceptional results for your business growth.