What are the etiquette rules in a coworking space?

What are the etiquette rules in a coworking space?

Besides having a good cost-benefit, at a coworking space you can share the same office with different open-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for making business and connecting with other people. This behavior allowed such workspace to grow quickly in popularity around the world. Although coworking spaces are intended for everyone, it is important to observe good manners and proper conduct. Find below the best tips for working in this communal space:

Be careful with the noise

If you are planning to work in an open office, keep in mind that noises might be really inconvenient. Therefore, you can observe how coworkers behave to get an idea before moving there. Some coworking spaces have their own attitudes of tolerance when it comes to noise levels for both communal and private work areas. So if this is your first time, ask the staff about the noise policy and where you can take phone calls or attend to customers or partners, for example.

Be friendly

One of the best things about a coworking space is the social interaction. Thus, always greet your neighbors and do everything to get to know them. Such attitudes make the coworking space vibrant and welcoming for everybody! Besides, you will have the opportunity to create working relationships that can improve your business.

Watch your kitchen manners

Most of the coworking spaces offer a communal place where people can share meals or have a conversation over a cup of coffee. Before using the kitchen, be sure that you know its rules. Do not eat other people’s personal food and do not keep old food in the fridge. Also, keep everything clean and tidy everytime you need kitchen utensils.

It's worth pointing out that you should avoid eating in work areas. Always eat and drink at the designated areas for it, as to not disturb your coworkers with the scents of your food and noises you may produce while eating, which  also prevents food crumbs all over the place.

Be proactive

A coworking space usually has a front desk to help you with any questions. But sometimes the staff can be serving members or hosting an event in the space, so that it might not be possible to assist you as readily. The tip here is to be proactive when you need something. For example, if you need the Wi-Fi password, you can try to look up for a board nearby that probably has it written, or politely ask to a coworker.

Conscious use of conference rooms

Conference rooms are one of the amenities that a good workspace can provides. You can hold business meetings and brainstorm with your work team. However, sometimes people overstay their allotted time in the conference room and prejudice the next users. If your time is running out, try to vacate the room in a timely manner.

Another problem that may happen is when members overbook conference rooms just to be on the safe side, or forget to cancel their reservation for any reason. The result is an empty room that could have been used by someone who really needed it. Therefore, if you are not going to use it anymore, you should cancel it as soon as possible.

Following these tips you will certain contribute for a better workspace for everybody. Just a little effort is all you need to make the difference!

Coworking space members

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