What is the difference between private office and conference room?

What is the difference between private office and conference room?

Some of the possibilities that NEXT Workspaces offers to you are the private offices and conference rooms. As we already mentioned here on our blog, a coworking space goes far beyond of being a shared work environment. Besides offering reduced costs, state-of-the-art technology and networking among its members, this place has several different services for your convenience.

The private office and conference room are some of these services. They provide privacy and comfort for you to develop your activities and run your business. However, they can be confused as the same thing. In this article, we are going to present when to use each one of them.

Private office

It is an alternative for those who need privacy to work, but also do not want to lose the benefits from a shared workspace. A private office has the infrastructure that your business needs to grow with a good cost-benefit, allowing you to save on overhead expenses. Therefore, you will not worry about all the rental paperwork and things such as electricity and internet provider bills.

And you will not have to buy any office equipment because our private offices are already furnished. There are more good news: they can be customized! That is, you can let the space with the identity you want to convey to your customers.

In addition, you always have everything available: cleaning, water, coffee, fiber Wi-Fi, administrative support and all the supplies that you need to spend the day working. Here at NEXT you can dedicate to what really matters: your business growth!

Conference room

The conference rooms are also private spaces inside a coworking. Unlike private offices, they are indicated for occasional use. In other words, you should use them when you need to meet customers/partners and make presentations. It is important to remember that conference rooms can be used by both private room users and coworkers who use the shared office and need to receive a group of people in a private environment with good infrastructure.

Here at NEXT you can count on much more than a big table with comfortable chairs for your guests. Our meeting rooms offer a lot of resources to help you to make the best business presentation! We have high-speed internet, extra-large flat screen TV, video conferencing, complimentary notepads and refreshments. All that for an advantageous price for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises!

Private office and conference room rental in Miami - FL

NEXT Workspaces is located downtown Miami and offers affordable rooms in different sizes & layout options! Here you can start working in your business from day 1 with us!

For more information about our structure and rental conditions, visit our website or our smart offices anytime. Our staff are always ready to help!