Five Creativity Exercises To Boost Your Artistic Thinking

Five Creativity Exercises To Boost Your Artistic Thinking

When it comes to the artistic thinking process, creativity is fundamental. By practicing creativity exercises, you can progressively enhance your artistic thinking. Creativity exercises are challenges that help you come up with fresh ideas both with and without the constraint of time. 


When you generate ideas, you are weighing two key factors at the same time: fluency and flexibility. Fluency is delineated as the number of ideas you can create in a given amount of time (speed) and flexibility reflects one's individuality. When fluency and flexibility are combined, you can develop a diverse set of concepts to explore and choose from. 


As an artist, inventor, writer, planner, or entrepreneur, you are always challenged to think beyond the box, particularly if you have people looking up to you or want others to look up to you. So, if you want to boost your artistic thinking, here are five well-known creative exercises you can start doing right away. 

30 Circle Challenge

This is a simple pen and paper activity that you can perform by yourself or with coworkers or friends.  Draw thirty blank, identical circles on a piece of paper. Now in under 3 minutes, draw and transform these blank circles into recognizable objects. This is a wonderful activity for generating fresh ideas. Sometimes putting quantity ahead of quality is precisely what you need to get past a creative block. This exercise will help you generate new, imaginative ideas with a focus on quantity rather than quality. Your sole objective is to complete as many as possible. When you aim for quantity, you don't have time to second-guess your concept; you can always modify it afterward. 

Complete A Drawing

This is another drawing exercise to get your creative juices flowing. Simply request someone to draw an irregular shape or line on a sheet of paper and hand it to you. You should develop a drawing using your imagination from the doodle on the paper. The goal of the exercise is not to make a masterpiece but to make the artwork more fascinating. Try using narrative, humor, or cartoonish elements to make it interesting.


Come Up With A Story

This is a writing assignment that can help you broaden your imagination. Ask a buddy to choose three random words, or open a dictionary and choose three words. Now, put down a story based on these three words. Finding a way to weave an engaging, coherent story out of totally random things will help you enhance your ability to find connections and combine seemingly unrelated concepts. Identifying connections between unrelated terms in the workplace might help you enhance your critical thinking and process evaluation. 

Make Time To Indulge In Artistic Thinking

Artistic thinking, like any other ability, requires consistent practice over time. Schedule time solely for being creative. Setting up a block of time when you're free to create without expectations, deadlines, or client work relieves stress and creates space for just you and your thoughts. Do all you can to let go and spill your ideas on paper, and try to be as creative as possible without any constraints or boundaries. Getting the worry and anxiety out of your head might be just what you need to get back into action when you're feeling stuck.

The Domino Effect Challenge, But Just With You And Your Thoughts

The domino effect is a series of events that occur one after the other. Instead of straining to come up with that one ideal idea, you begin churning out ideas based on one abstract idea on a sheet of paper in a set period of time. Starting with one abstract thought and constructing the next one by building a new link with the previous one, you will be able to generate a sequence of ideas faster than you can imagine. If you do this repeatedly, you could come up with an idea that will blow your mind. So don't be surprised.


We hope the five creativity exercises to boost your artistic thinking are useful in overcoming your creative block, and we urge that you practice them daily to keep those creative juices flowing. By doing it regularly, you can discover fresh alternatives and answers to problems that you were previously unaware of.


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