10 Best home office design ideas to unlock your creativity

10 Best home office design ideas to unlock your creativity

If you're still using your dining table or a random bench-turned-desk as your home office, then it's time for an upgrade since the whole work-from-home trend doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Here are some of the home office ideas to help you decorate the spare room into an inspiring workspace or just any corner in your house to get the job done. 


First and foremost, get a pen and paper and write the answer to this question. What made you sit and work comfortably for 8 hours at your regular office? Is it the ergonomic pieces of furniture, or the easy-to-access office supplies, or the well-organized file holders? Pick the one that excites you or something readily available.


Moving on with the answer to that question in mind, here are some of the best home office design ideas to style your space according to your preferences.


1. No Space? No problem.

If you have been squeezing your office into a closet due to space constraints at home, then try opting for a wall-mounted folding desk or a convertible side table. This one is a must-try if you love functional office space during the week and some extra space for the party during the weekends. This home office layout takes up less room on the floor while providing adequate workspace.


All you need is a corner space at your home for the desk and a chair. If you want to make this look super functional, opt for a folding chair and a wall-mounted ladder desk to utilize the vertical wall space as additional storage.  


2. The Artsy Fashion Look

Whether you believe in color psychology or not, adding a splash of color to your home office will make a significant impact on its overall aesthetic appeal. It creates a fun ambiance, and adding a little action to the boring white wall can never go wrong. 


The artsy fashion look is all about perfectly blending the bold color, print, and patterns while adding accessories to accentuate the space and create a vibrant home office. When combining colors with designs, the basic rule is to pick a color from the design and pair it with an object in that color.


Pairing a printed wallpaper with an office chair in any one solid color from the wallpaper will help you achieve this look. When opting for contrasting colors, choose the colors from the same level of saturation, or lightness, or darkness. For example, match colors based on how bright or faded it is. Pastels to go with pastels or dual tones with dual tones. If you want to add more drama, mix different textures or go for loud prints in neutral tones.


3. The Smart Casual Look

Now, this one is for those who choose comfort over style. For all the "I can't function without my coffee" kind of people. We bet your couch or bed is already part of your home office. Do you like it cozy? Yes! But does it help you unlock your creativity? Absolutely, NOT! It's time to move a little bit away from your sofa or bed and invest in a good ergonomic chair. We bet you'll appreciate this tip: instead of office desks with storage units beneath them, place an ottoman in that space to relax your legs. This design offers a comfortable space to get your creative juices flowing or take power naps between busy schedules.

4. The Neat Freak’s Favourite

If you love organizing and can't settle on a place to keep your files and folders, customize your desk with flat file drawers. These are each 1.5" high and are great for organizing your papers. A simple whiteboard calendar that you can hang on the wall in front of you is a way to keep your work organized.

5. For The Nature Lovers

The gold tried and tested trick to boost your creativity is to keep something living and fresh around you while working. Plants or even fresh flowers will do the job while leaving the room to smell beautiful. If you are afraid of letting the plant die, start with succulents or plants that require less sunlight and demand less regular watering. Plants are a fantastic addition to any home office and are simple to style for those who struggle with it. Indoor plants have positive benefits such as enhanced productivity and stress reduction due to improved indoor air quality.

6. Brighter The Better

Your home office needs to be bright and ventilated. Put your desk by the windows or sit facing the window. If this is not available, then add some light with stand-alone lamps or overhead lightings. Sitting closer to a window reduces strain on the eyes and drowsiness while working. The Vision Council suggests following the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, glance away from your computer for 20 seconds and focus on anything 20 feet away.

7. The #OnFleek Look 

If you've always wanted a well-organized home office, it's time to try turning your spare bedroom into one. Install open or closed cabinets with flush doors on the wall to take advantage of the available space. Consider a dark-colored wall panel that complements your cabinets and hides the gaps between them. If storage is your primary issue, open mid shelves and closed bottom and top cabinets are ideal. If space permits, set up a lounge chair or a three-seater couch for work meetings. Metal accents on cabinet handles will add a touch of class to your space. To complete the aesthetic and delineate the border between work and home, lay down a distinctive carpet on the floor.

8. Rustic 101

A rustic interior design for your home office is a fantastic choice if you want a rugged, natural vibe. You may experiment with aged, raw wood on the ceiling beams, wooden frames on the doors and windows, and even on specific pieces of furniture. Use earthy hues in conjunction with neutral tones. Exposed bricks and textured carpets are required to complete the look. To reinforce the rustic charm, avoid using shiny elements such as metals and instead use organic textiles. You can even repurpose vintage furniture to add an aesthetic impact.

9. Dual-sided Desk For Couples 

If you and your spouse must operate in the same area, invest in a dual-sided desk or tailor one to your specifications. It occupies less space while allowing privacy for both of you. 

10. Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on walls to make the most of every square inch of space in your home office. It's a fantastic method to keep things organized while also displaying your book collection. It gives the impression that you are working in a reading room.


To be creative and functional is to be at ease when working. Keeping your space well organized and clean is essential. Remove decor items that occupy unnecessary space. Practice allotting a dedicated space for every item in your home office. This way, you know where to find them and put them back after usage. 


You can have a junk drawer for things you can't find a place in your home office. A junk drawer can be any box or an actual drawer for items that seem necessary but do not deserve a dedicated space. 


In conclusion, your home office layout has the power to affect your productivity, creativity, and functionality. So, find a place to keep you motivated and that works for you and not against you. If it is too hard to push yourself to do a complete overhaul of your space to set up your home office, then an office-like environment like the one at Iconic Workspace will meet your demands.