Top 7 Qualities Of A Good Manager

Top 7 Qualities Of A Good Manager

While Planning, Organizing, Leading, Staffing and Controlling is associated with the basics of management, does it really cover what are the qualities of a good manager

Let us humanize the role of a manager, defines it well when it states

A manager is an expert in his or her field and is a support system for employees. Managers work within a business and work together as a team to achieve company goals.”

To break it down further, it is a subject matter expert who leads a team to achieve a common goal.

By humanizing the role we get a powerhouse of a statement that provides us with the context we need in our journey of discovering the “Top 7 Qualities of a Good Manager”


1) Being Competent and Passionate

It is critical that a manager understands the environment in which he or she operates within.

Having the book knowledge is excellent, and is a testament to your passion and dedication in the field, but having a hands-on approach, raises your competency level. 

A high competency level sets you apart; it gives you the competitive advantage, when you wish to apply for the promotion from office manager to a business manager.


2) Possess a Successful Leadership Approach

“People leave managers not companies”a Marcus Buckingham quote 

So how do we as managers avoid being authenticators of this statement?

Well John C Maxwell, provides us with a sense of direction when he says 

“The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him but the number of people he serves.” 


3) Possess a Successful Leadership Approach

Communication Coach Alex Lyon describes this in his YouTube video as “Servant Leadership” style 

In his video Alex describes the benefits of this style as the promoter of trust and collaboration within the team as a result a better organization is achieved.

5 times Nobel Peace Prize nominee Mahatma Gandhi and recipients of the award, Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela are people who applied this leadership approach. 


4) Being Human With a High EQ

Emotional Intelligence or Quotient as the term suggests is having insight into your emotions.  Having a high EQ level means that you are in tune with your emotions, and who you are, which means you can engage well with people. Be it your office manager or a potential client.

Having a high EQ allows you to lead with human understanding and compassion which in turn creates a happy and thriving work environment.


5) Being a Visionary and Good Communicator

 Visualize the success of yours in relation to the team purpose and communicate this vision and the path to achieving success with your team in a manner that is respectful, clear, concise and coherent, keeping in mind your management basics.

One of the greatest leaders of history, Martin Luther King said “I have a dream…” He expressed his vision and communicated his path to making his dream become a reality, and a reality it did become.


6) Never Stops Growing

Identify your weaknesses and develop your growth plan. Promote growth amongst the team by delegating. Admit when you are wrong and give credit where it is due. 

Learn from your team! Ever wonder why King Arthur had a Round Table for his Knights? Well a round table signified trust and equality creating a healthy environment for exchange of ideas and dialogue. So why not take a page out of King Arthur’s book, and use his approach. 

7) Being a Strong Motivating Mentor

Inspire and provoke a paradigm shift in your team, by motivating them and guiding them in their self- development and growth journey. Be their biggest cheerleader and greatest encourager.

Call out the greatness that lies within them just like what John F. Kennedy did during his inaugural speech, when he addressed the nation and said  "My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."  


In Summary

So, why should you adopt these top 7 qualities of a good manager? 

Well it makes you human and relatable. They are qualities that earn you respect for the expertise you possess and the leadership approach you adopt. Not respect earned out of the potential fear you can instill within your team, giving you a naturally thriving and supportive team.

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