How Meditation Can Help to Improve Your Productivity

How Meditation Can Help to Improve Your Productivity


Is it difficult to concentrate? Are you struggling to focus and procrastinating on your work and deadlines? Several projects and tight deadlines are part of the corporate routine. Many companies and executives concerned with productivity use a resource that is an excellent option: meditation. Learn how meditation can help you and what are its benefits.

The most used meditation techniques are “mindfulness” that promotes relaxation and self-knowledge for professional development. Priority is given to experiences in the present, in a mental state of awareness and mindfulness, without thinking about the past and the future.

Since 1970, benefits have been studied and several discoveries. According to doctor Jon Kabatt Zinn, says that “Mindfulness”activates the regions related to memories, concentration and creativity. Another study at the University of Massachusetts concludes that it reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. As of 2013, several studies report greater control of sleep and end stress.


The Benefits of “Mindfulness”


Mindfulness is known as therapy for some illnesses like anxiety and depression. This technique can be used not only professionally but also personally.

• Develop emotional intelligence and empathy;

• Investigate your self-knowledge;

• Increase your concentration;

• Contribute to the control of stress and anxiety;

• Reduce insomnia;

• Improve your personal relationships;

• Increase brain activity;

• Increase your memory capacity;

• Decrease negative thoughts;

• Encourage creativity.


How to Practice Meditation At Work?


1. Don't mix personal and professional life

Forget about personal problems when you're at work. You have your attention in the present moment.


2. Deep Breathes

Allow 5 to 10 minutes to breathe and to understand how your breathing is. This will help you to bring calm and concentration to start your tasks.


3. Forget About Distractions

Social Networks and Mobile messages confuse your concentration. Try to only check out your social media accounts during your break times.


4.Plan your schedule and tasks

Before work, make a list of your priorities, check your emails and your calendar.


5. About e-mails

Split in two times a day to update emails or try to create a routine for reading and replying.


6. More productive meetings

Facilitate your time and prioritize meetings more objectively, distributing responsibilities and topics to be discussed.


7. Recharge your batteries

Take small breaks of three to five minutes every hour or two, for your body and mind to recharge.


How Can A Coworking Space Help You Lead a Healthier Life?

  1. to do, doing, done

By providing the space that has great influences for the well-being of employees, and it is coworking that provides different spaces for different activities.

Here at Iconic Workspace we have an ideal space for that break during working to help you meditate. It is perfect for those minutes of relaxation in the middle of the day. Get in touch and come check out the space for your team today.