The benefits of networking in a coworking space

The benefits of networking in a coworking space

Working from a coworking space is very different than spending your working hours in your home office or in a coffee shop next to where you live. The main difference is that those places were not made totally for you to spend your whole day on job task– there are always some distractions, things to look at or, at home, domestic responsibilities waiting for you.

But there is something else in addition to all these characteristics. On coworking spaces, you have chances to make reliable connections to other professionals just like you. Consequently, it is a great place to network and benefit from these connections.

How to successfully network in a coworking space

Networking is all about making connections to other people. Not only talking but engaging in meaningful topics that can benefit both sides. As we previously mentioned, there are several ways to improve your networking in a coworking space:

  • Be considerate and gentle – in a coworking or shared office, there is no place for bad mood
  • Attend to events – there is a great way to connect to the rest of the coworking community
  • Eat or drink coffee in the community area – some people don’t feel comfortable to talk while working, so the coffee break is a good moment to engage in a conversation
  • Share knowledge – you can share some of your knowledge if your coworking neighbors, it will benefit both of you.
  • Propose a service exchange – this is another strategy that benefits both professionals, you and your colleague, since you two have things to offer.
  • Create promotional materials – promotional materials are useful to make people remember your brand when they need some services.

Benefits of networking in a coworking space

When you know the right way to network in a coworking space, you are able not only to meet new people, but also get t know individuals that can help your company to grow. For example, when you happen to talk to someone in a business area related to yours, you may start a partnership to work together to serve your services to new clients. Or maybe this person can refer you to someone he or she knows. Of course, this works in two ways – perhaps it will be you the one that refers this acquaintance to your colleagues.

Of course, there is also a chance to meet people that happen to be your target audience. In this case scenario you are likely to get a new client for your business or, at least, get a new lead to inform about the kind of services you can provide.

Also, there is always the personal benefits of networking in a coworking space or shared office. What if the person you engage in a professional conversation becomes your friend? You can develop long-lasting relationships or maybe get along with more people to go out to have lunch or maybe spend some delightful time after work in a happy hour.

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