7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably already noticed that technology is essential for you and your business – even if you run a non-tech company. Technology also can maximize your productivity if you have access to the right tools.

As an entrepreneur and probably team leader, don’t you think that your day should have more than 24 hours? Your agenda is probably always full – meetings, researches, talking to lawyers or accountants, taking care of the sales and, of course, some personal tasks you possibly must squeeze into your busy day. How is it possible to do it all?

There is no simple answer, but the good news is that technology can help you with that – and you just need your phone. Here are the top 7 apps for entrepreneurs that could help you to make the most of each day.

Apps for entrepreneurs: productivity

Let’s start with the basic: you have to be organized with your own time and also with the tasks you delegate. Check out these productivity apps for entrepreneurs:

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a simple but effective to-do list. You can split your tasks in different folders such as work and personal, add reminders and even share your lists and work collaboratively on projects with your colleagues, friends and family.

  1. Trello

Trello enables you to organize and prioritize your projects in a flexible way. It lets you work more collaboratively with your team and get more done, since the management is purely visual and easy to understand. You can easily add and delegate a task and follow its progress.

  1. Pomodoro Technique apps

Pomodoro Technique is very simple: the main idea is to break your tasks into parts called “pomodoros”, that last 25 minutes each. During this time, you should be focused only in the task. Between the pomodoros, you can take 5 minutes breaks. After successfully working in 4 time blocks, you can take a longer break, around 20 minutes. It’s a great technique specially if you tend to get distracted to other daily activities. You can find a lot of Pomodoro apps for desktop or mobile.

Visualize your thoughts: mind mapping

Using a mind mapping software, you can capture, develop and share ideas visually. It may help put ideas in order. You can also share your mind maps with your team to explain a concept or an idea. MindMeister and MindNodeare great apps and you should try them.

 Make your business safer with this app

You probably have a lot of passwords, one for each service you need (if not, you should). It’s hard to remember all those passwords, but with apps like Lastpass you don’t have to keep everything in your brain. You just need to remember one safe password key and you are good to go: once you add a credential, it’s there for you to use in any device. You also can share passwords with your team without the old copy and paste unsecure way.

Never lose a business card again

Have you ever lost a business card from someone you needed to contact? Small pieces of paper are easy to lose. But with CamCard you can scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards. This is a great app for entrepreneurs because it is capable of reading cards in 16 languages and keep all the info in your pocket. You can also use it to exchange e-cards with people nearby at meetings, tradeshow or seminar or even add meeting notes with texts or images.

Keep learning

Entrepreneurs have a business schedule so maybe sometimes it’s hard to find time to read a book. But Audible is here to help: instead of reading a book, you can listen to it. So you can learn while doing other things, like driving.

There are a lot of apps that can help you to improve your business. Take a chance to explore and add your favorite apps to your must-have list.