Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Ideas: Work Better

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Ideas: Work Better

Humans can be talented, creative and full of interesting ideas. However, disorganization can make all of these wonderful traits go to waste. Many thoughts which cross your mind have the potential of turning into great ideas but not being able to organize them can result in decreased efficiency. 

Moreover, a disorganized mind doesn't only lead to low productivity but also various health issues. A study proves that a cluttered brain can lead to high stress, negativity and anxiety. To ensure that issues like these do not impact your health, start organizing your mind and ideas. 

Here are a few methods to incorporate in your routine if you want to work better and have an organized mindset: 


  1. Challenge Yourself


When the task at hand is either too difficult or too easy, it's easy to lose focus and surrender to uninvited thoughts. Challenging yourself with the right balance is the key. 

Finding tasks which stimulate us without being too demanding or monotonous can help us in remaining organized with our thoughts as well.

We can tremendously increase our chances of reaching the ideal flow when a task is chosen carefully and wisely. This eventually leads to a clearer and more organized mind as well.


  1. Write More Often


Jotting things down has helped many in decluttering their mind from unwanted thoughts. When you’re writing anything that comes in your mind, your thoughts and ideas which are not too important get filtered easily. After this, only the thoughts worth your time will be left out. 

Capturing your thoughts in a good old-fashioned list is another simple way to arrange them. Your list doesn't have to be complicated, all you're doing is capturing data so you can process it later.

The reason why writing is an excellent way to organize is due to the variety of methods you can adopt to achieve the same goal. The only difference being that some ways require you to actively notice your ideas from a different perspective, while others require you to take a more passive approach.


  1. Control Your Emotions 


While you can't control how things make you feel, you can always control how you respond to them. First and foremost, you should be honest with yourself about how you feel and why you are thinking that way. It'll be much easier to direct the feeling into the desired action from there. 

The goal is to recognise and label your feelings as they occur. When you put words to what you're feeling, it becomes more tangible and less inexplicable. This allows you to decompress, figure out what's causing your feelings, and move on.

If you try to bury your emotions and focus on your work without dealing with them, they will take its toll on you and cause you to lose sight. Resolving them, decluttering and moving on is the best way to handle your emotions and remain organized. 


  1. Take a Break


This is something very underrated and many of us believe it's a waste of time. But on the contrary, it’s necessary to take a break when you see yourself feeling drained very often. Avoiding breaks can fill your mind with infinite unnecessary thoughts which can lead to a burn out.

When you plan breaks for yourself and believe that you deserve them, you have a clearer mind with an organized thought process. This will definitely improve your professional and personal life dramatically. 

Once you return from your short break, your ideas will start falling into place and more opportunities can work out in your favor eventually. 


  1. Improve Focus


A brain that has a higher concentration span is more likely to enjoy an organized mind with sorted ideas. Better focus can help you perform remarkably at work as it makes you a lot more efficient while doing the tasks at hand. 

The more time and concentration you can dedicate to a single task, the higher the quality of your work can be. You'll not only do things quicker, but you'll also be able to verify that the mistakes are relatively less. 

A mind that's attentive will remain organized and cultivate better ideas to help the overall effectiveness in each task. Working on improving focus can really help your function well.



Organizing your mind is as important as cleaning and decluttering your surroundings. It can have a major impact on your well-being hence it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once you’re able to organize your mind and ideas better, improvements in work quality will become visible. 

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